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Make a Plane to Roam in Abu Dhabi

About 90 miles from Dubai, is a city whose history of existence is believed to have existed since 3,000 BCE; When the thirst for conquering the Middle East and Eurasia was at its peak. No doubt, today we see that Abu Dhabi has triumphed with technology, urbanization, literacy, infrastructure, and overall development of this hot yet fast-paced city. Abu Dhabi – a city whose stories are deeply rooted and endless like deserts; Mrigatrishna seems like and yet the presence dances with physical ecstasy. Book United Airlines tickets and enjoy a trip to Abu Dhabi.

As a destination, travel diaries have been coined by travelers about their friendship with the city’s locals, their romance with the city’s adventure games, and the ever-lasting wedding with its captivating culture. Abu Dhabi is not only a destination; It is a journey of the past and future.

Here’s a piece of cake for everyone, families who want to spend one or two nights in the summer sun, couples who want to flirt with their romantic lives and solo travelers who want to play quite a lot with their adrenaline rush; Yes, we are serious; This is all in Abu Dhabi. Let’s take a look at the various faces of Abu Dhabi below, which offer a bunch of amazing activities and sightseeing opportunities to engage travelers.


Abu Dhabi has existed for many centuries, and it has evolved tremendously since. Here, find some must-visit places in Abu Dhabi, which will leave you traveling the buds.

Imagine entering a vast area to support 50,000 people where non-tangible speakers echoed love, curiosity, and religion and tangible people spread the teachings of the Quran; Which draws you to a parallel spiritual world. 

1) Ferrari World

Everyone, trust us; Everybody has to go to Ferrari World once in life. Painted in red and flanked by the fastest roller coaster in the world, running as fast as 250 mph in 4.9 seconds, a bunch of fancy Italian restaurants and the world’s largest Ferrari store; Ferrari World is a dream-come-true if you want to hit your adrenaline-pump to some extent, or let the baby out in you! Well, the choice is definitely yours.

2) Yes Waterpark

Which country has a tropical desert climate without a Yes Waterpark? Okay, we’re not talking about ‘let-a-beat-the-heat’, ‘on-it-summer’ or ‘or-let-go-to-the-water-park’ here . We are talking about a day of adventure surrounded by tidal waters, dancing our minds away as if there would be no better tomorrow.

Yes, Yas Waterworld does this for its visitors. Let’s talk about why – the world’s first and largest hydro-magnetically powered six-people-tornado slide, which will rock you when you come down from a height of 235 meters, the world’s largest surfable for snowboard and water board Sheet Wave where Daredevils face 9m.


Abu Dhabi has always romanced with the sea and is the playground for all kinds of activities, And we have all kinds of literal meaning. We are talking wake-boarding and kite-surfing; Cruises and kayaking; And sailing and speed-boating; and many more.

1) Cornish Beach

Ever heard of a beach that has different sections for different areas of visitors; Single, family, and a common beach? Well, it’s also no surprise that ‘For Blue ‘has been flagged for its conscious efforts to keep Cornish Beach water blue and clean, and safe for bathing. The beaches go as blue, and the number of restaurants on the beach offers travelers amazing local and international cuisine.

2) Mangrove National Park

We all thought that Abu Dhabi and Dubai were just concrete forests, didn’t we? Head to an evening of kayaking in the mangrove National Forest, think about sleeping under the stars and some hot barbecue! Finally, a night devoted to open skies, blue water, and barbecued food is on your street during a trip to Abu Dhabi! Enjoy United Abu Dhabi with United Reservations.

2) Noori Island

The sea is incomplete without a journey to heaven on Earth, the ancient water body of the Arabian Gulf and the island of Nurai, directly east of Abu Dhabi. The islands are drenched with a feeling of peace, calm and love, and heartily invoke all nature lovers. Living in it is heaven, and we doubt who wouldn’t want to?

The Desert

Although neither rain nor vegetation nor minimal human settlement, the Abu Dhabi deserts are strong in their progress. With the UAE’s taste for endless activities and tastes, it’s sure to be worth the trip of a lifetime, well, at least once? Come now, we wear our hearts in our sleeves while we write this; count on us!

1) Arabian Nights Village

Once there was a time machine. They hid it at the entrance of a certain village, a village strongly guarded by Zakher and Al Manhal, two watchmen at the beginning of the village; Village called Arabian Nights. Take yourself to the era where you turn into an Arab resident, and choose from four different types of ‘housing’ – Bayat al Shair (Bedouin tents), Bayat al Bahar (palm houses), Bayat Al Bahar (Desert House) and finally, the majestic Al Manha (Fort Tower).

2) Sand Boarding and Skiing

When we hear the word skiing, snow, and ice, and everything wow comes to mind. Ever wondered if you can do the same in the sand of Abu Dhabi? Liwa Oasis Dunes welcome everyone; From novices to visiting experts, knock down those outrageous mounds like there is no tomorrow! Abu Dhabi never fails to surprise; Bindu noted. Here, see it below.

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