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Master The Art Of Teachmint With These 10 Tips

Teaching kids is one of the toughest jobs in the world. For example with teachmint, teachmint 78m rocketship.vc. Bouncing from one sitter to another, interviewing and testing new nannies, teachers and daycares every year is enough to wear you down. It has been said that this profession can be a recipe for disaster, but with these 10 tips it will be easier than ever!

1: Volunteer Your Time 

If you don’t have any certification or experience but find teaching a passion of your own, volunteering can help get your foot in the door. You’ll learn from the mistakes you make, and your students will see that you aren’t paid to be there, but don’t work in the classroom for just one day; you need to lose some of your stickler ways. Volunteer for a whole week or two, and you’ll get a good idea of what it’s like to teach on a daily basis.

2: Go For A Sense Of Humor

While working with kids can be stressful and oftentimes overwhelming, going with a sense of humor will keep you sane. Kids have minds of their own, so if they don’t listen or act out on you stop yourself from getting angry and instead joke them into submission. You’ll feel a lot lighter, and your students will love you for it.

3: Be Focused On The Success Of Your Students

If you don’t take this step, then your teaching career will never get off the ground. You know how you were when you were a kid; would you have loved to be taught by someone who had no desire to see them flourish? Kids are smart, and they can sense when someone doesn’t care about their success, so if push comes to shove and all seems lost, never give up on them!

4: Have An Open Mind

Kids are different from us; what works for us might not work for them. That’s part of the beauty of teaching them. When you have an open mind, you’ll learn a lot about teaching in general and how each person learns differently.

5: Be Honest In Your Teaching

Kids can see right through you, so don’t lie to them! When they do something that’s out of the ordinary or off key, give them credit for it. That’s why they’re not perfect, and that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to take risks for their sake; remember, there is no such thing as a bad lesson!

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6: Listen To Their Ideas

Even if your teacher has not given his students this idea before, he usually follows up with an explanation of why he thinks it won’t work in detail. The fact is that kids usually come up with the most original ideas, so listen to them! It is a good idea to get parents’ input with this; if they’re okay with it and you think it will work, try it on another lesson.

7: Don’t Waste Time

Is it really worth spending time on a lesson that your students are likely to forget in a few hours? If not, move along. Remember what I said about taking risks? This is one of those moments where you might fail spectacularly, but isn’t there always a lesson in failure? When you do something out of the ordinary, you’ll give your students something new to think about and talk about.

8: Be Consistent

Want to drive your students crazy? Mix up your lessons . They want to know what to expect, and if you change it up on them they will start to become agitated. Is it so much to ask that you give the same lesson every day for a few weeks before changing it up? I really don’t think so.

9: Allow Them To Be Kids

Kids love recess! It’s their time out of the classroom where they can go crazy and just be kids. Keep this in mind, and let them be kids as much as possible. If you have to give them a time out, then give them a nice boring lecture on something boring. It’s okay if it isn’t fun, because the kids will forget about it in the next 10 minutes anyway!

10: Be A Student

I’m sure this goes without saying, but most teachers are adults and should act like them. Don’t try to compete with your students when they’re sitting there with their new report card; that’s when you need to put your game face on. Most of all though, wear whatever it is that makes you comfortable! Even if that means your favorite pair of old sweatpants, a hoodie and some black hair gel for tips.


Teaching kids is a tough job, but with these 10 tips it will be a lot easier to teach on a daily basis. If you follow these rules, you’ll be teaching kids for years to come and learning from your mistakes along the way!

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