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Minor Offenses in the UAE that can Land You in Trouble

Thinking of moving into the UAE? Maybe you just got a job and you are thinking of relocation to the emirates. You must know all about the UAE labor law that informs you of your rights and duties. However, there are other social norms and cultural values that are a part of the UAE’s law you should know.

Know the Change in Values:

You could be one of the 20 million people visiting the emirates this year. Just don’t become one of those who don’t understand the region’s laws because they are strict. You can not only receive fines of up to AED10,000 or higher, but you can also get sentenced to prison. Countless ex-pats have visited the UAE and committed offenses that weren’t offenses in their perspective. Some of these offenses were as minor as spitting on a public sidewalk. Here are some of the laws that you should know before you visit.

The Laws of UAE Expats Should Know!

Dressing Appropriately:

Firstly, you need to understand that you can’t dress inappropriately in the UAE. That goes not just for women but for men as well. It’s okay to wear shorts for both sexes on the beaches but never in public. People in the UAE find it disrespectful towards their culture and social values.

Eating and Drinking in Ramzan:

The holy month of Ramadan will bring about great deals and festivities in the region. However, if you’re not a Muslim, you still can’t eat or drink anything in public. You need to respect the fact that all other people are fasting.


Drinking is strictly banned for all Muslims throughout the year. Expats need to have a license to buy alcohol to drink it in the comfort of their homes. You can drink at licensed pubs and restaurants that serve alcohol. But then again, you’ll have to prove that you’re not a Muslim since it’s banned in the Shariya law.

Banking and Finance:

All banks under the law of Shariya, and it can be confusing for ex-pats. Therefore, it’s best that if you and your spouse are living in the UAE, you have separate bank accounts. This is because, in the devastating event that one dies, the surviving spouse won’t have access to the blocked joint account. If you have insurances, review those to see if they are all legit in the Middle East.

Adultery and Cohabitation:

According to Islamic law, acts of adultery are punishable in courts. If you commit such an act in the UAE, you’re likely to face heavy charges and deportation. Similarly, you can’t live with the opposite sex in a private room without being legally married. There have been many examples of how couples who were spending a romantic time got busted. These people have had to face fines in thousands and even jail time before being deported. Make sure you only visit with your wife and carry proof of marriage with you at all times.

Traffic Laws:

Dubai is famous for being one of the best cities when it comes to sports cars and exotic automobiles. However, the laws there are strict as well. You can find law enforcement agencies having some of the fastest cars in the world. It’s common for UAE officials to be riding around in a Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Mercedes, etc. Therefore, it’s impossible to think you can outrun their cars or the smart systems they have installed throughout the emirates. Needless to say, anything from not wearing the belt to a shot indicator light can get you huge fines.

Tenancy Laws:

The UAE is strict on laws about the residential tenancy as the law number 26 of 2007 and law number 33 of 2008 states. According to them, a landlord is required to give a 12-month notice sent through registered mail if they want to evict a tenant. The landlord will need to give a justifiable reason to end a contract before the actual expiration. These reasons can be either:

1. The tenant isn’t paying the rent

2. The tenant is subletting the property without approval.

Similarly, if you’re looking to live in a rental unit, make sure you know about the force majeure Dubai allows. 

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