In states like Arkansas and Arizona, marijuana laws are quite restrictive and binding. Though the better part of the world and most parts of the USA have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, it is still a rough ride in the states where weed consumption is highly controlled and discriminated. Intricate laws are established to prevent the misuse of medical marijuana and completely block recreational usage. Most states in the USA have different protocols to monitor the consumption of cannabis legally. It disallows random citizens to get access to cannabis which is still labelled as a Schedule 1 drug by the FDA, without a few must-haves. 

Naturally, if one is to consume weed, it has to be approved by designated authorities, and you must satisfy each criterion laid down by the state you reside in. This article will help you understand the mandatory legal qualifications that you have to fulfil to apply for a medical marijuana card:

1. Medical conditions: One has to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition listed by the state law. The natural healing effects of such a plant make it a top recommendation by many doctors.

  • Life-threatening diseases like cancer, glaucoma, PTSD, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s disease, severe arthritis are automatically qualified. An individual having any of the above conditions, invariably get immediate approval for possession of weed.
  • Chronic conditions like seizures, severe nausea, acute pain and Cachexia; or medical treatments such as peripheral neuropathy; or any other medical condition or treatment approved by the Board of Health allows you to take medical weed.

2. Age: One needs to be at least 18 years old to apply for the MMJ-card. If you are below 18 years of age; you must produce authentic papers showing parental consent.

3. Residency: When applying for a medical marijuana card, it is quintessential for the citizens to submit the proof of their residency. 

  • This rule prevents people from purchasing weed illegally from other states or for people from other states to get easy access to it.
  • You must possess a valid state ID card, or at least a driver’s license to verify your residency in that state.

4. Official Certification: One may have the direst of diseases but still be denied of a medical marijuana card if one cannot provide a written, official certification from an authorized physician.

  • Different states may handle the certification process in accordance with their state laws. Arkansas is one such major state in terms of the consumption of medical marijuana. Any medical marijuana dispensary in Conway has readily available doctors to diagnose a patient and deliver an official certification if he finds it viable.

These points only indicate the qualification for filling the application form. Despite being eligible, if your conditions are found to be questionable, dissatisfactory, or untrue, you will not be issued any medical document or card. Forgery can lead to further legal penalties. Therefore, it is recommended that you commit yourself to do thorough research and speak to an expert before submitting an official application for a medical marijuana card.

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