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Protein: The Secret Ingredient to Weight loss and Muscle Building

If you are eyeing achieving a lean, mean machine physique with chiselled muscle bulk and fats shredded to the bare minimum, then probably consider switching to a protein-heavy diet. Well, the problem is how to obtain such high amounts of proteins from your regular diet. The primary problem with deriving proteins just from your food is the extra calories that come with food-based proteins. These extra calories hamper and slow you down from achieving your fitness goals. Your best bet is to complement your diet with a good quality protein powder. There is a plethora of protein powder online to choose from for your specific fitness goal. Here is a guide on why you need protein and how protein supplements can aid your fitness goals:

Why Do You Need Protein?

When your focus is fitness and gaining muscle mass, there are only two ways to it, workout and consuming protein. Your body requires protein to repair, build and maintain muscle. You need proteins, especially if you are planning a weight loss regime. As you reduce your calorie intake and increase calorie expenditure through a workout, you also start losing muscles even before losing fat. So, when you begin a weight loss regime without a protein-rich diet, the weight you lose is effectively losing muscles rather than fats. A high protein diet ensures that you pack more lean muscles while you lose weight, leading to quicker desired results.

Consuming proteins also makes you feel fuller. A quick protein shake after a workout session is the best way to ensure that you supplement the required protein and consume very few calories in the process.

Protein also plays a vital role in the regeneration of your brain cells, improves skin quality and liver function. In the long term, protein prevents bones and muscle degeneration. Protein plays a significant role in combating type-2 diabetes by slowing increasing your body’s metabolism rate.

It is clear that proteins are essential for our regular functioning, but if you are a fitness enthusiast with bodybuilding goals, then your body’s protein requirements are dramatically more than an average person. So, to supplement the excess need, the best viable protein source is from supplements.

Do You Need Protein Supplements?

If you have specific fitness goals like weight loss, muscle gain or if you regularly engage in high-intensity activities like outdoor sports, protein supplements like protein powder are the best way to hit your daily protein requirements conveniently, quickly, and safely. It is best to consult a professional dietician to determine your daily protein needs based on your lifestyle.

If you follow a vegan diet, then hitting your daily protein needs becomes more difficult. Protein supplements like protein bars and protein shakes are your best bet.

Which Protein Powder Should You Go for?

The most common, well studied, and best result-oriented protein supplement would be whey protein. Whey protein is derived from milk. Whey separated from milk is processed and dried to produce whey protein powder. Apart from providing protein to your body, whey protein also aids in improving brain functions, improves sleep and wound healing.  

If you follow a vegan diet, then you can choose a plant-based protein powder. Few popular plant-based proteins are derivatives from soy, rice, pea etc.

Protein is the building block of life. Based on your lifestyle, you must consume protein to complement your daily activities. After discussing with a professional dietician, you can opt for a protein powder online which will best serve your needs. Always remember all protein powder and protein bars are a supplement; they are never a replacement for natural food. Compliment your protein-rich diet with a protein supplement of choice for the best health results. 

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