The USA criminal justice order is undoubtedly one of the largest systems in the world. People would expect the law to be unbiased and fair, but sadly for marginalized communities, it is far from reality. The marginalized population, especially black people, find it harder to live a free life in America. The country, in general, is still very much divided on race and class. Many incidents, including the George Floyd murder, remind people of America how brutal the judicial system can be. Systematic racism is still very much alive in the country’s judicial system, and the black people are getting at the blunt end of the stick.

Statistics clearly show that black men are more likely to be charged with a crime compared to their white counterparts. Once arrested, a black person is likely to get convicted to serve a longer sentence than their white counterparts. The system is rigged through and through. Continue reading this article to learn about the contributing factors for a black man’s arrest and what could be done to stop the same. 

Systematic Racism: There is no doubt that America is inherently still a racist country; just ask any black person, and he will confirm the same. As the police force is part of the same racist society, the policemen too judge a potential convict based on their skin color and ethnicity. Most of the time, the policemen treat a potential white criminal with kindness while arresting to ensure their physical safety. Sadly, the same cannot be said about the black people, as many innocent black men are killed before they have a chance to plead their case in front of the jury. Based on vague suspicion, black men are treated brutally at the time of arresting; the George Floyd murder is still one of the most suitable examples of such a scenario. 

Education and The Neighborhood: In general, black people earn less than their white counterparts, despite having a similar education background. This disparity is shocking, and at the same time, a common occurrence in the country. As systematic racism prevents black folks from enjoying an affluent success in mainstream society, the community is even more marginalized. 

  • Due to poverty and other factors, many a time, black people do not receive the education they deserve to move forward with their lives. This lack of education creates a vicious cycle of more poverty and crime. 
  • The black neighborhoods are poorer as opposed to the white suburbs. Therefore, the police treat the people living in such area as second class citizens and thugs. Even the little black kids are not spared from police-brutality. 

If you find out yet another innocent black person is arrested with a grave or minor charge and taken to custody; do everything in your power to get that man out of the cell. Different states have different bail criteria; for assistance on the matter, you may consult bail bonds San Diego and get the best bondsman to get the help you need.  

In such a time, the question remains; what should be the remedy? Should black people get locked up and rot behind the cell, or is there any other way around? The goal is to create a support system and keep on protesting till a real change comes. Black lives matter is a strong movement that shook the whole world and gave black activists an international platform to voice their opinions. The battle is not over yet until the law-enforcement gets to see the faults in the system.

Radhe Gupta
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