How To Spot a Fake Rolex

Rolex Buying Guide: How To Spot a Fake Rolex

Rolex has been in the watchmaking industry for many years now. The whole thing began with the creation of the first waterproof wristwatch by Hans Wilsdorf, the amazing and brilliant founder of the company. From then on, a wide-range of masterpiece timepieces have been successfully developed and become iconic in the world of watchmaking. 

As years go by, the number of Rolex watch collectors worldwide continues to increase, and the company never fails to produce the best wristwatches with elegance, functionality, durability, precision, and luxury. However, many people tried to create a replica of these luxury watches from different parts of the world. Hence, if you are one of the Rolex watch enthusiasts, you should read this entire article. You may be wondering how to know if your Rolex is fake, then, check the different tips below.

  1. Quartz Dial Movement

As mentioned earlier, Rolex has a wide range of wristwatches, depending on style and functionality. The Rolex Pearlmaster watches have a signature jewelry design with beautiful gems, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and even yellow, white, or Everose gold. The other sets of luxury watches include Rolex Milgauss, New Submariner, New Datejust, and many others. 

These watches have distinctive qualities and features, so one way to determine if these are fake is to check the quartz dial movement. The authentic ones have the smoothest way of moving the second hand. However, the counterfeit wristwatches have the second hand moved around the dial display while stuttering and even having irregularities of its circular motion.

To further check its authenticity using this way, you have to listen closely to your watch. If you can hear even a little ticking noise from the second hand’s movement, the chance is high that it’s a fake watch. It’s because Rolex’s authentic wristwatches never create any sound as the hands move around the dial display. 

  1. The Weight of the Watch

Another way to know the authenticity of the Rolex watch is to check its weight. Most manufacturers of fake Rolex wristwatches can copy the design and style. However, if you’ll look closely at it, you know which one is real and which one isn’t. The counterfeit watches weigh lighter because of the materials used. 

On the other hand, the signature wristwatches of Rolex have the most high-quality materials. That’s the reason why they weigh much heavier. Hence, the next time you’ll buy one in the store, hold the watch tightly, and if you notice that it’s a little bit lighter, that’s the time when you can start doubting the watch’s authenticity. 

  1. Watch’s Winder

Most watch collectors are so meticulous and keen when they check a particular watch’s quality and functionality. Besides that, the authenticity of the timepieces also doesn’t escape from their sharp eyes. One way to know if the watch is real or not is by looking at its winder that you can find on its side. 

Most watchmakers of counterfeit Rolex masterpieces tend to copy everything from the original.  However, their products usually have the most basic and simplest winders in making adjustments on the hour and minute hands. 

Rolex’s real and signature wristwatches do have durable and beautiful winders with finely engraved designs and grooves. In fact, many people consider that part of the Rolex watch as a proven work of art. Hence, when you buy another Rolex watch, don’t forget to check its sidewinder.  

  1. Aperture Lens

On the dial display, there’s a small window called the aperture. It shows some details, such as the current day, month, or year. Another way to determine if the Rolex watch is real or fake is by looking at the aperture. The aperture on the original ones will magnify the information beneath its lens. It looks like a tiny magnifying glass.  

Hence, even at a distance, you can clearly see the date that the aperture displays on the dial because the details look slightly bigger. This is another part of the Rolex watch that any counterfeit watchmakers can’t replicate. That’s why you’ll surely notice on the fake timepieces that the information on the aperture will look the same as it appears outside the lens. Hence, the next time you’ll have a Rolex watch shopping, always check the aperture lens to determine its authenticity. 


Most timepiece collectors around the world always consider a Rolex watch a status symbol. For many years, Rolex has proven its capability to create masterpieces and manufacture world-class watch inventions that always come with elegance, accuracy, durability, functionality, and luxury. That’s why many watchmakers around the globe want to replicate their works.

However, since it has been the Rolex works of art, no one can ever copy them with the same quality and beauty. Hence, the next time you purchase a Rolex watch, always remember the list of tips discussed above to help you spot the difference between the counterfeit wristwatches and the Rolex authentic timepieces. 

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