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Saying Congratulations To A Newly Engaged Couple

If you have recently been engaged, someone may have mentioned to you the idea of an engagement party. Not to be confused with a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner, engagement parties can be a great way to celebrate the good news of an upcoming wedding. Be prepared for this engagement party rule.

When to Have It:

Party interaction usually takes place shortly after the couple. In fact, in its most traditional form, this party is when the engagement is announced to the public for the first time by saying beautiful quotes you can make happy to a newly engaged couple. In these days on social media, “surprise” announcements may be old news. But the groom’s father can still toast to the committed couple, even though everyone knows they plan to get married.

Whom to Invite:

As with a bridal shower, only the people that you will invite to the actual wedding should be invited to the engagement party from couple side. It is just a matter of simple etiquette. It is not polite to ask people to come make a fuss over you for getting the ring, but not include them in the main event (the actual wedding). For this reason, the party should not be scheduled until you have roughed out the guest list for the wedding reception. By the way, engagement parties can be as large or small as you like, so just because someone will be invited to the wedding doesn’t necessarily mean they will be asked to all of the pre-wedding parties. Its always depends on your relationship with them who are not they live nearby.

What Happens at the Party:

A wedding party is no different than any other meeting; expect to eat bread from the groom’s father. Some may even be encouraged to stand up and say goodbye to a happy couple, though this is not necessary. Due to the nature of the event celebration, you will likely need champagne on hand. But more than that, it’s a good cocktail party, garden party, or barbecue, depending on the style of collection you want. If the promise is kept secret up to that point, then people are invited to a party, and the bridegroom can give the engagement ring a wedding jewelers to his girlfriend in celebration.

Will There Be Gifts?

Officially, the answer is no. The bridal shower is the pre-wedding party that revolves around gifts. Some people may feel that the happy couples are a little moved, but all they need is goodwill. If the bride’s father wants to give his daughter a special piece of jeweler for the wedding, he can do so when he gives her a toast. Brides sometimes ask if they should set up a gift registry for their contact partner. As this is not technically a gift event, it would not be right to create a “registration registry”. That said, nothing will prevent you from making your bride registration before the party; if people feel compelled to give you something from the registry, that’s their choice. Be sure to send a thank you note for any gifts received.


Choosing the best engagement gift for your friends or family is a very important, and sometimes difficult, task which most of us experience at least a few times in our lifetime. It can be difficult because one is never sure what type of gift will be best received and appreciated by the happy couple. You want to give them something that confirms your best wishes and approval of their commitment to each other, and something that they can keep and treasure for many years to come, but most of all you want to give them something unique that will remind them of you and your sentiments each time they see your gift. We all know people who have received four toasters or three electric knives as engagement presents – You do not want to be the one adding to these!

Of course there are many engagement gifts available to choose from, practical gifts that will be useful in the couples new home, photo frames to highlight pictures of the couples new life together, champagne or great wines to help celebrate the occasion, beautiful champagne flutes to enjoy that first special celebration drink together – even calendars with flexible start dates which can be used to get to know about each other’s personal and family members’ memorable dates, like wedding, anniversaries etc.

This is a fantastic way to show that you have put a bit of thought into your purchase and makes what may be a fairly ordinary gift something very unique and personal – often at very little or even no extra cost! It does not even require much extra effort, with the huge rise in internet shopping, there is no need to make a separate trip to your local engravers or embroiderers, your personal message can be incorporated into your chosen personalized gift from the comfort of your own armchair – simply choose the engagement present you wish to purchase, tell the supplier what message you want incorporated, pay securely online and then wait for the gift to arrive. Some online retailers will even have the gift sent straight to the recipients address with a personalised greetings card if you wish – excellent for friends or family who live a distance apart.

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