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SLA Based Services: For NOC Business Operations

Quality is the king as network reliance evolves

In about a couple of few weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has reshaped the worldwide business environment more effectively than any business considering themselves a “disruptor” could have ever imagined possible.

Organizations of different types needed to either initiate plans for remote working and access or quickly scale them up – reconfiguring business models basic to maintaining business progression and strength. 

A challenge even with a consistent, years-long guide for change. As change is catalyzed, new technologies that may have been in the pipeline for years are presently being taken a look at as an immediate priority.

For some enterprises, and their supporting communications service providers (CSP), 5G is one of those key technologies. Some may already be progressed in their network rollout and are extending their utilization, and some are currently accelerating plans to embrace and incorporate into their organizations.

For both these kinds of companies, the question of network quality definition and support should be kept in mind. Departing from how previous generations of connectivity were estimated, with 5G, the quality will be characterized by the client’s business necessities, not the network’s abilities (or limitations).

To put it in simple words, it is market-driven not technology-driven, and is tied in with connecting the network to the business. To deliver the service and network quality expected by enterprise clients, CSPs should first reconsider their meaning of “quality” — and on a very basic level rethink their 5G network services.

Ensured quality SLAs with network slicing

An end-to-end 5G network conveys on throughput, reliability, and latency, and diverse use cases will demand various blends of these components. For instance, an engineer’s VR headset may require high throughput, extremely low latency but only a medium level of reliability. 

While a network controlling an autonomous drone may require low throughput, low latency, and high reliability. To accommodate this variety a 5G network can be sliced into segments tuned to a particular use case. 

A network can be sliced into hundreds or even thousands of virtual networks, each with its own custom quality SLA prerequisites. Enterprises that depend on 5G for their business operations won’t endure “best-effort” approaches and will expect CSPs to deliver ensured quality, at the end of the day, a ‘committed SLA’. These provider companies also offers SLA Based Services on per-hour/per-project.

Close by these different use cases which organizations right now depend on, and those yet to come, 5G networks will also consolidate legacy infrastructure in a hybrid network and will, for instance, work alongside 4G (LTE networks) which have been around any longer and have more extensive coverage. Tracking these and guaranteeing a CSP delivers on multiple SLAs at once is too incredible an errand for operations teams depending on manual procedures.

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