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When constructing a house, one must ensure that their bathroom is perfect; it is essential since it is a spot where one would relax and unwind after an incredibly stressful day. Because of this, the bath one chooses for their bathroom should suit their tastes. Since there are so many types of baths available on the market these days, one must know the various styles available to choose the right kind of bath to install in their bathroom. This article highlights the different types of baths and their multiple features, to aid in one’s quest for the perfect bathroom addition.

Clawfoot Bath:

As the name of this type of bath implies, it has four clawed feet on which it sits. The clawfoot bath has existed since the late 19th century and has remained popular since then. At the time of its inception, people made such baths with cast iron and porcelain interiors. Nowadays it is made with much cheaper material which is just as sturdy as the original. There are currently many variations in the clawfoot bath, such as the slipper-foot bath; it features a high, sloped end, which allows for greater comfort. Like the slipper-foot bath, most of the other clawfoot bath variations have changes that make them much more comfortable and practical than the clawfoot bath itself. This advantage does not mean that the clawfoot bath is lower than the other models, especially for those interested in it for its aesthetic value. 

Recessed or Alcove Baths:

This type is probably the most popular kind of bath seen in Australian bathrooms. One can install this type of bath against 2 or 3 walls. Its design has not changed much over the years. However, the materials companies use to make the alcove bath have changed. In the past, companies usually made the alcove baths with enamel-coated steel or with cast iron. However, acrylic or fibreglass has become the go-to material to make alcove baths today. Another detail to note about these baths is that they usually come with a shower installed; perfect for when one is running late and cannot draw a bath for themselves.

Drop-In Baths:

A drop-in bath is a bath that drops into a cavity or a raised platform for a flushed finish. This type of bath can be very aesthetically pleasing, especially when designed well. However, while designing, it is essential to note that getting out of this type of bath can be difficult and should be considered when charting the bathroom floor plan. There are varying designs in this type of bath as well. A popular variant is the infinity pool. In this type of bath, the bath fills to the brim with water, till it overflows; the water is then picked up and recycled back into the bath. This feature helps create a very striking visual effect.  


As one can see, various types of baths exist, and each has its unique features. Each of these features could be considered beneficial or otherwise, depending on the person using it. Hence, one must consider all the options carefully before settling on their preferred choice.

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