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The Best Wheels for Baby, On and Off the Road

For parents, their child’s safety is their number one concern. This means parents take great care when it comes to decisions about their baby’s safety on the road. Whether it’s spending hours researching that perfect push car or stroller or comparing safety features on a Forester and Crosstrek, the safety of your child is of utmost importance.

If you’re wondering what kind of car to buy as a parent or if you’re thinking about the latest in baby strollers, read on to learn more about the vast selection of vehicles—big and small—for your baby or toddler.

Push Cars and Strollers

If you’re a new parent, it’s likely that you’re hoping to use the warm summer months to get outdoors with your baby. Taking long walks with your baby in the perfect stroller or push car can be a fantastic way to get back into shape and begin to show your child the world. However, if you plan on taking your child out frequently, it’s a good idea to do some research when it comes to the stroller and accessories that you use for your days out.

When shopping for a stroller or other set of wheels for your little one, it’s a good idea to read product reviews, check for recalls, and talk to other parents. While it’s true that a faulty stroller or an unreliable push car won’t be as dangerous as a vehicle recall, it’s still important that your child is traveling as safely as possible.

SUVs and Minivans


Many parents decide they’re in the market for a family-friendly car when they hear news of their pregnancy. If you’re a parent looking for a safe new car to drive your baby around in, consider calling a Subaru dealership.

Known for reliability and safety in the event of any type of accident, these vehicles are a great way to give yourself peace of mind every time you put your child in their car. Subaru also offers a variety of models that can meet most family needs.

Consider talking to a Subaru salesperson about whether a wagon, SUV, or sedan might be best for you. No matter which you pick, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ve done what you can to help ensure your child’s safety.

Bike Carriers and Tag-a-longs


Your baby will likely travel by stroller and in your family vehicle. But when considering wheels for your child, don’t forget about the less obvious and even future options. From the first three-wheel bike you’ll buy them as a young child, to the carrier seats you might purchase to bring them on a pedal bike trip, you’ll want to do your research on the safest models and designs.

While blogs, vlogs, and apps are a great way to begin your search for your baby’s next set of wheels, you’ll also want to rely on the information you can get from other moms. Think about talking to other mothers in your neighborhood, family members, and friends. Ask them what types of toys, bikes, trikes, and other sets of wheels they used with their children. You might be surprised to hear their stories of mishaps and accidents that you can avoid with your own child. When in doubt, consider putting up a post on your social media or in a mothers’ support group.

In the end, no matter what set of wheels you choose, your baby will be safer because they have a parent concerned about safety in general. When picking out that family vehicle, jogging stroller, or toddler trike, don’t hesitate to ask questions and do your homework. You and your child will thank you for it down the road.

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