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The Ocicat Breed’s Story

The Ocicat feline breed has a genuinely interesting story on how she came to be. The pretty kitty was a surprise among her litter decades ago in the 1960s. The pet parent at the time intended to create a Siamese but one with Abyssinian points. 

In her attempts, the parent bred the male Abyssinian with his female Siamese mate. With the resulting litter, the kittens were generally Abyssinian. The owner kept one to breed again with a Siamese from which the parent was successful in achieving her Abyssinian-pointed Siamese kittens. 

Since the owner accomplished what she set out to do, she decided to breed another litter from which came an odd feline bearing gold spots on an ivory coat. Because this cat had a striking similarity to an Ocelot wild breed, the family christened this kitty an Ocicat. 

Who Is The Ocicat?

The original, one and only Ocicat feline was a surprise among a litter of Siamese kittens bred with Abyssinians. That single cat whose name was “Tonga” went home with a new family and was neutered. The pet parent who produced her was not interested at the time in developing a new breed. 

Things changed in the 80s, and the breeder repeated her initial steps when creating “Tonga,” successfully producing more of the breed along with the American Shorthair. Some facts relating to this unusual, exotic beauty follow:

** A Domestic Goddess Resembling One From The Wild

The Ocicat, of course, has wild ancestry tracing back through the ages. The feline herself, however, is a 100% domestic goddess. The kitty received her moniker due to the considerable resemblance to a wild breed known as the Ocelot. 

While these are two separate and different breeds, you will find this cat has comparable grace, a similar kind of agility, and an exceptional power leading some to assume she is wild mistakenly. Go here to learn who the Ocicat is.

** You Will Definitely Be Seeing Spots

The animal has beautiful markings of which a majority are spotted, something you cannot help but notice instantly. These run-in rows along the spine line, almost like fingerprints, down the legs, rear, and back. Smaller ones dot the base of the neck and shoulders. 

There are also what looks like dotted lines that circle the feline’s legs and around the throat. When you look at the animal’s face, you will notice a striking “M” over her forehead.

** The Kitten Has A Sharp Mind And Determination

When taking on a kitten of this nature, you need to be ready for the responsibility. The feline requires constant stimulation and play because she enjoys activities, particularly game-time, even fetch, and puzzles. The cat likes challenges to stimulate her mind and test her skill. 

You will also see a bit of the kitty being territorial, especially if you try to clean up after playtime putting her toys away while she firmly holds tight to let you know they’re hers.

** A Guard “Dog” And A Lap Cat

Ocicats like to climb. With the breed’s incredible agility level, they can go to great heights where they prefer to perch, watching what is happening around them. These are an animal you need to supply with a climbing cat tree or make climbing up to high spots in the home easily accessible to satisfy the “guard dog” in the kitty.

While the breed has a sense of protection, the feline also enjoys the family, including other pets (even dogs) and children. The cat is social and can adapt to most situations except isolation or a silent home. 

The kitten likes a family home with lots going on and enjoys being in the center of it all. The feline is one animal that will follow you around and expect attention. It is essential to have another pet to prevent having a depressed cat when everyone leaves her alone in an empty house.


** Chatting Is A Strong Point But So Is Training

If you’re looking for a verbal kitty, the Ocicat can be quite talkative. There is not as much chatter as you’ll find with a Siamese, but because it’s in the blood, there’s no avoiding it. A loud feline can prove to be an annoyance for some people, so if you’re not tolerant of a kitty who wants to speak with you, this might be a poor match.

On the positive side, the kitten is exceptionally intelligent, accepting verbal cues and commands readily. The suggestion is this is one cat that you can train to use a leash. But you must be careful with an animal having such skill. 

These breeds can learn to open doors and release latches to get something they have an interest in. If you want to keep your cat out of trouble, put things up high or locked away.

Final Thought

The original “Tonga” was a beautiful ivory color, but the feline is not limited to that specific shade. There are coats of blue, lavender, cinnamon, chocolate, silver in differing variations, brown, and fawn. The animal is stunning and proves to be a joy for the right pet parent. Find out how you can identify this breed at

The kitty is not a pet that you adopt only to bring home to feed and water. The Ocicat is a hands-on commitment in every sense of the word. You will be enjoying conversations, cuddle time, extensive play sessions, and perhaps find yourself walking her on a leash. The feline surprised the world, makes an enormous impression, and demands the optimum family life. She deserves it.

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