Things to know before getting started with TV aerial Installation

Administrative procedures

Installing a dish less than 1 meter in diameter does not require a declaration of work.

If your house or accommodation is located in a classified area, check with your town hall beforehand to find out any constraints that may prevent the installation of a rake antenna or a satellite dish.

If your house is located in a suburban area or if the installation takes place in an apartment, consult the condominium rules beforehand before installing.

State of play, diagnosis, feasibility

It is forbidden to pass strong current (220V) and weak current through the same sheath.

– On the electrical installation plan, position the TV sockets in the living room and bedrooms.

– Choose an antenna (rake, mixed, universal) depending on the distance from the transmitter and the surrounding environment which can affect the quality of the signal.

Precautions before work

Check the coverage of your region to know if you can receive TNT HD using a rake antenna.

Check the compatibility of your TV with TNT HD. If this is not the case, equip yourself with an HD adapter or an HD SAT (or Fransat) decoder. For more information click on tv aerial installation.

For your safety, install roof ladders and equip yourself with a safety harness before climbing on the roof.

The switch from analog to digital with many advantages

The advantages of switching to TNT HD

The evolution of DTT to DTT HD from April 5, 2016, brings advantages in terms of television offer:

Better image and sound quality with the generalization of HD channels;

• access to the 25 free TNT channels (for all those equipped with a rake antenna), even the channels only broadcast in HD. Examples: Team 21; Number 23; Honey 25; RMC discovery; 6ter; HD1;

• Implementation of new frequencies to meet the needs of very high mobile broadband (4G) in the territories.

The advantages of switching to TNT

The TNT antenna put in place in 2011 brought major changes compared to the analog antenna:

Digital is easier to use and above all less costly from the point of view of dissemination.

On the reception side, users benefit from a better signal, image, and sound:

Several channels can thus be broadcast in high definition (HD); subtitles are often available; it is possible to choose between different soundtracks.

Digital compression also allows more channels to be carried. A dozen channels have therefore been added.

How to choose your TNT antenna?

An outdoor antenna will have a greater gain than an indoor antenna.

In return:

• The material is more expensive, bulky;

• Installation is more difficult. (Visit website: tv aerial installation)

In individual houses, the choice will most often be on an outdoor TNT antenna, while indoor antennas will be preferred by the occupants of collective buildings. If the antenna is not satisfactory, do not hesitate to seek advice from an antenna.

We can, if you wish, put you in touch with one or more antenna specialists. They can offer you a free, no-obligation quote.

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