Tips to prepare for psychometric test

A psychometric test is the best process followed during the recruitment process. When you find large number of applicant pools, a test can be given that provides the candidates level of mental ability. Companies conduct the psychometric tests to get the candidate who has the strong performance and suitable for the role and thus these tests have great emphasis in terms of results. 

Candidates, who wish to move forward to the next stages of the recruitment process, can take up this test and high score is often needed. Although the initial preparation for the test remains daunting, scoring marks and preparation might ensure to increase the confidence level in you. 

To bring the preparation to ease, here in this article we discuss about the tips of preparing the psychometric test so you don’t feel less confidence before you start preparing the test. 

  • Have a clarity on your task

Before starting to prepare for the test, know more about the process of the test as much as possible. As many candidates attend the test, ensure that you are sitting for the right test and at the right place. As there are various test types, take the test with the publisher which will be the safest possible way to get the test results. 

  • Know about the test techniques

Unlike other tests, psychometric tests are not easy or can be chased. In general, candidates assume that knowledge on maths, and fluent English skills might be enough to score the test results, which is again a bad assumption. The test aims to measure the candidate’s verbal and numerical skills and thus is designed in unique way that can never be predicted. All you need to do is to add new set of strategies to your reading tool box. 

  • Plan your time and set the targets 

We are aware that the tests are conducted on timely basis. They also ensure that most of the people finish the test in the mentioned time. However to get the complete score, you don’t have to answer all the questions and answering the few easy queries might help you to crack the test score. The best strategy behind scoring is to not to get stuck on the same query but to move on to the other queries that are answerable and if you have time left still, you can always come back to answer the pending ones. 

  • Increase you English verbal ability

If you wanted to become master in English verbal, start reading broader section of novels, newspapers and other information about the job nature that you are looking. This will help you to increase the vocabulary. Also don’t restrict yourself towards the local novels or other common things people choose in general, read the best ones so you get to know new words and phrases. This will help you to grasp verbal quicker and thus allows you to score more in the test. 

  • Get familiarize with the style of the test questions

The questions in the psychometric tests are often prepared in different manner when compared to the other tests. Taking many tests and online pre exams might help you to get familiarize with the test pattern and style of queries they ask during the actual examination. This will also help you to manage the timed test as you will get to know how to tackle the test questions. 

The better way is to sit back and practice sample tests available in the tool box and other online sites. It is like the more test you take and answer, you will be less thrown by the demand of questions faced during the test day. 

  • Make mistakes and learn from them

Practice makes the man perfect. When you are taking the test papers, sit patiently with the perfect time to review your answers and also mark the queries where you go wrong. While this might be heart breaking to see the scores you have taken, it might also help you to analyze the strong and weak areas that can be sharpened to score the actual test. 

It is difficult to concentrate more on the weaker points and so you can counteract on the easy part which can help you to score the final tests. Remember, the best way to keep your impression high is to score best in the psychometric test conducted by the companies you are employed. 

  • Have a good physical and mental ability

Know that you need to have the good mental stamina and will to give the test. Taking the test in tired state or without the mental stamina might affect the scores of the test in the verbal, reasoning, or in the aptitude test. Ensure you take rest before the day of test and try to take better gaps between the sections of the test to regain your energy. 

This might help you to think more out of the box and provide the confidence in answering or moving forward to the next set of questions in the examination. 

  • Select the type of test questions you need to take

Not every company and jobs have the same set of questions. The complexity and level of difficulty varies based on the job nature you have applied. For instance, manager and other higher posts might have more difficult pattern of tests when compared to the basic entry role recruitment posts. Ensure you are practicing and taking the right type of test questions and sample tests before you are choosing the actual test pattern. 

Other key factors to be remembered before taking the test include:

  • Understand why is the test actually
  • Research on various types of psychometric assessment
  • Prepare more practice tests
  • Take into account any previous test experience or feedback 
  • Have a check on your tech


To increase your chances of recruitment and also to score high in the psychometric test, you should seek to be achieving the top score in your preparatory phase. The above tips might help you to score more when you prepare for your actual psychometric test

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