Top 5 American movies that inspire you to persevere in your pursuit the goal

The set of movies that are watched again and again still feels brilliant. The common point of the characters I like in these films is probably the perseverance, dedication to the end with the goals, the bravery to pursue your lifestyle and dreams. Not only for myself, but also inspires generations of viewers around the world.

1.The Pursuit of Happyness 

The movie is very popular. Movies light, easy to watch. Psychological type. The film is based on the true story of American businessman Chris Gardner. He sold all sorts of things, made a mess, left his wife, had to take children everywhere from home to homeless – no money to rent a house. His life began to change when Chris signed up for 6 months of unpaid internships at an insurance company.

During those six months, he and his son wandered everywhere, sometimes sleeping in public toilets, sleeping on the streets, lining up to get food and shelter for the homeless, and going to the field during the day. Practice, take care of her son, read at night, learn more knowledge. Sometimes homeowners cut off electricity because of overtime, he sat in front of the common toilet to get light. Without much analysis, Chris’s efforts and efforts are truly touching. He always tries to do whatever he does – see how he tries to convince employers, try to build good relationships for the job (Chris may not be home, but he always has a set of comle is well ironed and a professional manner, confident, sincere to anyone he touches). The dedication of his efforts will surely make anyone fall down.

The above quote is Chris telling his son. He was right. In fact, people don’t spend more than 1 minute a day thinking about your problems. Whether you are close friends or relatives, because everyone has a unique situation, there are unique challenges to solve. When people don’t really work hard to study the problems they encounter, their advice is for reference only and the decision must be their own.

2. The Founder

The new 2017 film is about Ray Kroc who made the McDonald’s brand a global leader in fast food. My passion for Ray is his persistence. Before coming to McDonald’s business model, Ray used to sell folding chairs, milkshakes, waffle makers, etc. but with no success. As long as his wife complained, as long as he stopped pursuing those silly business ideas. He was 52 years old at the time. It is worth noting that every night he came home, he also opened a speech by Calvin Coolidge about persistence to listen (a good mental strengthening therapy)

Then he got acquainted with the Dick and Mac brothers – these two had a fast-food restaurant called McDonald’s which was very crowded with a very different type of business at that time. It was a time when America didn’t have the concept of fast food, but it was trending in the form of food delivery in the parking lot – it took 30 minutes to receive fragile items, plates and bowls, employees often forgot to order because they were busy. Find the location of the car. Dick and Mac have set up a new model, let everyone order at the counter, pack food in paper (used and throw away), set up a kitchen with fast working links that customers only need to wait for 30 seconds. Instant food, and you can take food anywhere and eat it. Now it sounds simple but at the time it was a big invention, a different business idea. Dick and Mac did and succeeded, but they only succeeded locally. Ray Kroc’s eyes glowed when he saw this business model with his own eyes. Without hesitation, he signed a contract with Dick and Mac. Ray is responsible for replicating the model by franchising. In his first collaborations, he failed because wealthy partners did not do business on the original model. Ray frantically threw the hambuger at the partner. He switched to choosing people with a mind, a gift, and a perseverance like he used to sell in the past.

The business prospered, but that didn’t mean Ray had no trouble. The model was replicated, but he suffered a loss and had to reassign his house because he had previously signed a contract with the Dick brothers without thinking carefully about the ratio. It comes to this detail to know that everyone has their own problems. If not successful and famous, all worries. Ray is a person who always wants to expand his business (developer type) but he is bound by profits (losses) and the contract with the Dick brothers (any changes in the model must be informed through these two conservatives). Then he set up his own company, separated from Dick and Mac is also inevitable. Of course, Dick and Mac planned to sue Ray for thinking he ate a bowl of rice porridge. Many viewers scolded him like that, but I personally saw Ray treating the old old men Dick and Mac like that out of love. If I were Dick, I would create conditions for Ray to develop, not to constrain him with a contract and a limited vision. Mutually beneficial. Dick and Mac eventually gave up knowing that “no one could beat him.” You just watch the movie and see Ray Kroc’s bright eyes working.

3.The Help

This is the first movie I watched Emma Stone. I first fell in love with Emma. Her appearance, her personality is really attractive. While Emma’s contemporaries were married, had children, dressed like ladies, played poker and gave charity at the weekend, Emma was always busy with work at the newsroom, running around the street with her an impressive curly head of shrimp noodles .

She was born during the time of black people in the United States is heavily racist. They work for whites, take care of the homes of their children for whites but cannot share clothes with their hosts because whites are afraid of contagious diseases. Or even though blacks were shot dead in the middle of the street, it was normal for no one to care. Emma cherished to write a book about black maids, to honor them – a crazy thought back then. She persuaded the domestic servants in the city to tell their life stories to her, which of course was not easy because blacks were afraid to come to the light. The way she was so stubborn to the end for her goals was admirable. Emma never cared what other people thought of her. The lover pursued her because he admired the difference in her but when he heard Emma wrote a book about the maids, he got angry and so they broke up. Her mother also scolded her. But Emma was determined to finish her book.

4.Jobs (2013)

Of the two legendary Steve Jobs films, I prefer the 2013 version. In the new 2015 version, I listened to the review and watched the first paragraph correctly, then turned it off because it was boring. Jobs in 2013 was portrayed as a person who always lived up to his instincts and opinions. He thinks unlike other people (he doesn’t study well in university because he thinks he wastes his parents’ money and then goes out to work as someone else’s employee, he smokes, needs calligraphy, studied meditation, went to India to pursue his artistic and religious interests. Even at the game company, Jobs did not listen to his boss, whatever he wanted to do, anyone who looked at him could see that he was very unruly and arbitrary.

Before becoming great, being worshiped by everyone, Jobs was a guy who pretended to smoke, smoke, be delusional because of marijuana. But ever since he saw the potential of his best friend Steve Wozniak’s early computer, Jobs became more focused than ever. Focused, enthusiastic, hard-headed with the goal. He is more focused but he is still a beat like that :)) – This is similar to Sam Walton of Walmart. People may object to Steve’s way of doing things, but around and around they will still have to work the way he wants. Steve Jobs in 2013 fits perfectly with the saying “Stay hungry stay foolish” – he puts everything he has (mind, enthusiasm, creativity) and any product and makes it become so great.

5. Fight Club

Unlike other movies on the list. This is not the story of a founder, CEO or a great person. This is simply the story of a guy who pretends to be schizophrenic! But if you hear that and did not want to see it then it is a pity because the film has the ability to impact more strongly on the rude thoughts people have more often than any other movie. In my opinion, there is no film that inspires to change with Fight Club. That is why Fight Club has a lot of fans. The words of Brad Pitt in the film are in the form of life, the more I think the better. Because the film is quite profound and profound, everyone should watch and feel for themselves. Personally, I don’t feel like hacking the brain (as many reviewers) because the thoughts of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) in the movie perfectly match my thoughts and personality.

If you have trouble, stuck in life and decide to pamper yourself for a day or two with food and movies, the 5 names above can be on the list of options.Here are the Top 5 films that can inspire motivation, belief, and passion for you, but always remember a quote from Bill Gates: ❝I also love watching dramas. However, you should not watch too much because it is not your life and your thoughts will be affected by them. Your life should be decided by you.❞. Choosing free websites like CouchTuner and the alternatives to watch their favorite TV series and films instead of watching movies through paid apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video…With destinations like CouchTuner, you’ll be able check and compare alternatives accessible within the application.

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