Solar Pool Cover

Top Perks of Investing in a Solar Pool Cover

What is a Solar Pool Cover?

A solar pool cover is similar to a bubble wrap in terms of its appearance. It is typically made out of high-quality, durable resin or polymer, and the objective of the bubble is to capture the heat from the sun. You may find it in an assortment of sizes & shapes, so you won’t have a hard time finding a fitting cover for your pool. If you have a rectangular pool, in that case, the reel of the cover will enable you to cover and uncover the pool effortlessly. 

A professional can install the reel at the side of the deck. You can unroll the cover and place it in the pool, or you can keep it rolled up when you want to fill the pool.

So, Now We’ll be Taking a Look at Some of the Most Compelling Advantages of a Solar Pool Cover:-

Increasing Water Temperature

One of the principal benefits of opting for a solar pool cover over other alternatives available in the market is that it immediately heats the pool water and preserves the heat for long. It operates by capturing the sun’s heat through the medium of trapping heat within the bubbles. After that, the heat is transferred into the water. Typically, the solar pool covers can raise the temperature anything between 10 to 15F, based on the below factors:-

  • The number of hours and intensity of the sunlight.
  • The solar cover’s color. 
  • The bubble area of the solar pool cover. 

Saving on Energy Costs

The biggest advantage of a solar pool cover is that it will heat your pool without spending a penny for the energy. Besides, you save energy, but you do your bit for the environment you live in. The heater, on the other hand, may double your monthly utility bill during the winter month. 

You need to ensure that there is ample sunlight directly on the cover; that’s why solar pool covers are not for indoor pools.  Alternatively, you can use a retractable pool cover that provides the similar benefits. 

Save Water

Yes, a solar pool cover can save water, too, as it helps in reducing evaporation. Minimizing the overall loss of water from the pool thus means reduced water bills. 

Save More Chemicals

Water loss because of evaporation also causes the loss of chemicals such as chlorine you put-in your pool water to clean it. Therefore, you’ll have to constantly add chemicals and to replace water to achieve the perfect balance. 

But, with a solar pool cover enveloping the pool end-to-end, you don’t just have the benefit of reduced water evaporation but also lower the loss of chemicals. Thus, in a nutshell, you’ll save pool chemicals and significantly cut down on the cost of running a private pool. 

What is the Best Color for a Solar Pool Cover?

A clear solar pool cover heats the pool much better than a blue solar cover since it lets the sun’s heat penetrate more efficiently. The dark blue solar pool covers are most suited for heat retention. 

What Is The Best Thickness for a Solar Pool Cover?

A solar pool cover between 12 to 16-mil, is the most preferred option for effectively retaining the heat. The higher thickness cover generally absorbs more heat and is more durable to the sun’s damages, ripping chemicals, and resistance.  

How Much Do Solar Pool Covers Cost?

Compared to other pool cover types, the solar pool covers are fairly inexpensive, but we suggest you should consider a slightly costly option for increased durability. 

Generally, the solar pool cover costs between $75 – $300 and even beyond. And, you don’t have to worry; even if you have a unique pool shape, the cover will be trimmed to fit it perfectly.  

While a solar pool cover won’t heat your inground or above-ground compared to traditional electric gas or electric heater, it retains heat for longer and saves money.  

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