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Types of Gemstones And Their Health Benefits

Gemstones have a wealthy History and magnificent past, starting from residing in the ocean and land depths to fulfilling the requirements of affluent people, gemstones have been a part of our life for over decades now. In the period of kings and queens, gemstones were known to be just Kingly things. Ordinary people could rarely avail them. With time, the situation changed and people got the power to fulfill their own needs. Still, only the upper-class people were privileged enough to own gemstones and they carried it with class, grace, and dignity. The benefits of gemstones are not just restricted to show wealth, prosperity, power, and status, but they can have a lot of benefits for the health of the wearer too. Let us look at the ways by which wearing gemstones can benefit your health. 

  • Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Neelam possesses some noteworthy remedial properties by which the wearer can feel an upsurge in the activeness and vital energy. The gemstones also support an individual in a better vision and also solve issues related to hearing and memory. Following Astrology, Neelam is supposed to turn on the Ajna Chakra which is present in the human body and deals with imagination power, pituitary organs, and creative capabilities. 

  • Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Pukhraj is another expensive gemstone jewellery which belongs to the Sapphire group and is popular for its healing properties. Since Jupiter is known as the planet which represents Fortune and Wisdom, Pukhraj is similar to it. Someone who wears Pukhraj is bestowed with far better capabilities of decision making and also assists the person in focusing better. It can help people who suffer weak digestive functioning, stomach disorders, and Jaundice. 

  • White Sapphire (Safed Pukhraj)

Safed Pukhraj represents the eminent sapphire family and is considered as a gemstone from the Planet Venus. It benefits health by having positive impacts on fertility as well as other reproduction issues faced by women. It also helps in boosting the immune of an individual. 

  • Red Coral (Moonga)

This gemstone is bestowed with the highest number of benefits offered. Belonging from the Planet Mars, which is also known as Mangal, this gemstone can increase your victory and helps you win over your opponents and rivals. It is also advantageous in many other ways which include escaping laziness and procrastination, mental depression and it also features a lot of healing powers. 
These are some of the common gemstones worms by people. As you see the benefits offered vary from one gemstone to the other. They have a lot to offer apart from health benefits, but all of them are considerable enough. You should be very careful while buying gemstones because there are a lot of fraudulent people who may misguide you. Hence, you must try to keep yourself safe from falling into the hands of such misleading people otherwise you may end up wasting your hard-earned money. Hence, make sure to do proper research before buying the gemstones you want. You can also buy 18k gold earrings at exciting prices. 

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