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Wallpaper Vs Paint: Which Is Better For You?

Planning to make your house look alive again? Well, this question of yours will have its high point with the walls. Appealing walls can quickly transform your home adding aesthetics in the right way. But, to ensure your walls give the desired effect, you need to decide whether it is wallpaper or paint you want to use. Both of these options have their pros and cons and it is up to you to make the final decision on what you want. 

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To help you make the right choice, we have jotted down some factors or parameters you should consider to finally decide which one’s better for you. 


Wallpaper: Thanks to digital printing, wallpapers now come in endless varieties to choose from. They can create any pattern; however, if the walls have imperfections, blemishes can be visible from the wallpaper. 

Paint: Just like wallpapers, paints are also available in various forms. There are even eco-friendly paints having a positive impact on the environment. Talking about the appearance, paints can offer the desired finish of a perfect shade. You can also easily get a color scheme with paint rather than wallpaper. 


Wallpaper: Wear and tear are now gone talks when it comes to modern-day wallpapers. They are highly-durable but better suited for rooms that have less footfall and minimal moisture. 

Paint: As compared to wallpapers, paints are more prone to damage. They can be chipped and need repairing or repainting more usual. But then, when it comes to areas that have high moisture, paints do a better job. There are waterproof paints available for house painting that can repel moisture and last longer. 


Wallpaper: The installation of wallpapers depends on the types of products you choose. For instance, if you plan to use strips of texture, it can take time and be really frustrating. Thus, it is advised that you must hire a professional to ensure a perfect job. 

Paint: Unlike wallpaper installation, wall paints require minimum time for preparation and takes less time. You need two to three coats to get the desired look. But to get the aesthetics right, you can try hiring professional painters. They can make the walls look elegant in no time. 


Wallpaper: Wallpapers are easy to maintain. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you are good to go. But if they get peeled, it may require the whole process of stripping and pasting the wallpapers. This can be really frustrating. 

Paint: Paints can also be washed with a cloth, thanks to the new forms available in the market. Other than that, you can store some paint and re-paint whenever there is any small imperfection. This does not require professional help and can be done yourself. 


Wallpaper: Though there are low-cost wallpapers available, opting for expensive ones is the right choice if you want the perfect and durable look for your walls. Also, the installation of wallpapers can be expensive as it needs more equipment and time. 

Paint: On average, paints are cheaper than wallpaper. But if you go for higher-end faux paint finishes, and textured paint and other best paints in India, it may cost you more. 

Wallpaper Vs Paint: Final Words

The debate between wallpaper and paint can’t end since both have their pros and cons. What you can do is look at your budget and walls that need renovation. Moreover, you can also take professional advice from Aapka Painter. They also offer estimate painting costs for free to help you make the right choice as per your budget.

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