Ways to choose the most suitable material handling manufacturers

Every country in the world is working on large infrastructure projects and is looking to complete the projects faster and in an efficient manner. So if you are one of these decision-makers in the company and if you are looking for material handling manufacturers, then this article is for you. 

In India and abroad many manufacturers specialize in manufacturing pieces of equipment such as Single girder cranes, flame proof cranes, JIB cranes hoists and goods lifts. However, it is difficult to choose which one is the best for your requirements. 

Below are a few tips that you can use to evaluate which manufacturer is the best! 


The most important evaluation criteria are to understand the kind of experience the manufacturers have. How is the clientele? How is the supply chain setup and much more? In the field of heavy machine manufacturing, what matters is the understanding of the domain. It is important to choose a player who has handled many simple to complex machine installation projects and under various geographic and climatic conditions. 

Quality of products 

Since we are listing down the parameters to choose a manufacturer of high-end machines and cranes, price scores less over quality. Since the organizations will be handling a large volume of material, it is important to know and procure cranes which are of excellent quality. Whether you are choosing to buy cranes, hoists or goods lift ensure to perform all the quality checks needed to determine the sturdiness of the crane and longevity of the material. 

Raw materials 

Since the cranes are going to be handling heavy loads, the material used to manufacture the crane must be scientifically tested and proven to be suitable for heavy cranes. Some of the manufacturers to meet the delivery deadline, use low-quality raw material which is procured from local vendors, this not only reduces the quality of the crane but also impacts the overall project cost and deadline. Hence it is important to understand the supply chain of any crane manufacturer, who are the players supplying raw material? Where are they procuring it from?. 

Design capabilities 

One size fits all does not serve the purpose always. There needs to be a considerable amount of research done before a manufacturer submits a proposal for a crane. For you as a consumer, you must evaluate the research and development efforts of the manufacturer. 

Timely delivery 

Since the projects in which the cranes will be deployed are going to be large projects with multiple milestones, it is important to choose a manufacturer who has a track record of delivering the goods at the committed timeline. It is important to check the past client record and if required you might also speak to a few of their clients to understand their delivery schedule and commitment. 

Management Team 

The people at the top play a very crucial and critical role in how a company performs. It is important that the management team of the cranes manufacturing company is committed and what are the values based on which they run the company. One other good thing to check is if the management is involved in any malpractices whatsoever they might be. These checks ensure that you are giving your projects in safe hands. 

Now, if you are looking for a crames manufacturer for your project, get in touch with Safex energy. They are one of the best players in the market for various types of heavy lifting machine manufacturing. The management team is committed and the company runs professional ethics and has ambitious growth plans. 

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