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What are two major facets of the relationship between books and television?

If you’re a twenty-first century James Joyce junkie, there is no better time than the present. From 2011 to 2016, quality scripted TV shows aimed at adults on major networks and streaming services steadily increased, and that trend is only set to continue. 

The complexity of storytelling has risen in tandem with the production values of these shows; it’s not enough for a show to just be convoluted or involved anymore, it’s got to feel like real life too.

Do you know what are two major facets of the relationship between books and television?

Books and television have had an interesting relationship throughout history: while some people claim that they’ve always been rivals for entertainment dollars spent by audiences (in both leisure and education), others argue that this is a relatively new phenomenon created by the rise in quality television content.

Here are some points discussed about relationship between books and television-

1. Books and Television complement each other:

It is evident that books and television both have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, but it is also true that they compliment each other. 

There is a common perception among media producers and scholars that they compete with each other. But in reality, both of them complement each other. 

This notion was clearly manifested by the development in the field of electronic media. In the 21st century, the internet has played a key role in this development. 

It made our lives easier by providing us with vast information about everything from entertainment to education on a single platform. 

The rising popularity of the internet has given birth to various websites on which content can be shared or downloaded easily. 

One of the most popular genres of content is that of eBooks. Here, an author can publish his work without having to go through the traditional publishing houses. 

Major search engines like Google provide several eBook publishing platforms which are extremely helpful for budding writers to start their career without any hassles. It not only provides them with a platform for writing articles but also helps in reaching out to readers worldwide.

There is a need to provide both online and offline content. Television provides us with a great idea of how we can carry out our plans and execute them in real life. Many of the TV shows we watch nowadays are based on books which we can easily access or read at our convenience.

2. Books and Television provide solutions to the age-old problems of mankind:

The relationship between books and television is more of an alliance than competition. After all, both of them are created by humans for human beings. Both are creative mediums which bring us innovative solutions to the age-old problems of humanity. 

For instance, certain authors like Stephen King found television as one of his best resources for promoting his novels. 

Because of the creative content that is provided by TV shows, he has no hesitation in agreeing that book publishing will be downsized in future years.

It is evident that books are being marginalized or forgotten by the younger generations. However, shows like Game of Thrones have made them have a tremendous effect on the whole population. 

One cannot provide for his family without having access to books. The rising scenario is also proving to be helpful in giving the people who are not able to read at all an opportunity to participate in education through television.

3. Books inspire television writers:

Another reason why there is a growing relationship between books and television is that both of them help each other grow their creativity and imagination. 

When you see someone who creates a truly unique piece of work, it’s impossible not to admire his skill and creativity; this admiration helps develop your own talents as well.

The great writers, such as Stephen King, use books as the foundation for their creativity and inspiration. 

After all, he is not just a writer of poems and short stories but has written such successful novels that his books have been adapted into various movies. This helps him live up to his vision for a plot of a story and ultimately inspires others to do the same thing.

Similarly, many TV show writers use books as reference. After all, they cannot create characters or plot lines without having the idea of how the plot will unfold in their mind. 

There is also an increasing number of TV shows based on real events; some may even be inspired by certain novels too.

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