What Is The Cause Of Weak Erection?

What Is The Cause Of Weak Erection?

A man may have to experience erectile dysfunction at some point in his lifetime. Erectile dysfunction, which is also known as impotency may happen when you are unable to have or maintain an erected firm and hard penis while you are having sexual stimulation.

But need not worry about the ED problem. Nowadays there are many ways to treat erectile problems. One of those is medical treatment. You can take medication like Kamagra Gold or vidalista for ED cure.

How Does An Erection Take Place?

Whenever a man is sexually stimulated his sex organ is aroused. Due to the nerve signals received by the penis from the brain, the muscles in the penis area feel relaxed.

Also, the flow of blood increases because of this event. Once the blood vessels are filled with blood, they are closed, and the blood remains in the tissues and helps to maintain a firm, erected penis while having sex.

Reasons For Weak Erection

Erection problems can have both physical and mental reasons behind this or it may occur by a combination of both. Physical causes can be seen more in older men just because of their age, and mental problems are more common in young and middle-aged men. Physical reasons mainly include medical condition inside the body, such as –

● If you have any kind of injury in your groin or the pelvic region that may have damaged the nerves of that region may lead you to erectile dysfunction because you will lose the blood flow to the penis.

● If you already have other health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

● It can also happen if you are eating too much junk food, which may increase the bad cholesterol in your body and may lead to obesity.

● Erectile dysfunction may also happen if you consume too much alcohol. Men who have alcohol use disorders are more prone to experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. Over alcohol consumption may also increase the blood sugar levels in your body as alcohol prevents your body organs to function properly.

● If a man has atherosclerosis that is the deposition of cholesterol and fat in your arteries can also cause erectile dysfunction.

● Parkinson’s disease can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

● A problem in the liver or kidney can lead a man to erectile dysfunction.

● The chronic illness of the central nervous system ( CNS ) known as multiple sclerosis may cause erectile dysfunction in a man’s body.

● Peyronie’s disease that results in a curved penis while erection may also cause erectile dysfunction.

As we mentioned earlier, the physiological causes are more common in younger men. The root causes of erectile dysfunction in younger men are anxiety and depression. Research also states that the erection problems in young men are mostly caused by their lifestyle and it is also proved that younger men are more prone to alcohol and cigarettes than older men. The emotional or mental reasons are – 

● Most of the young and middle-aged men worry about the fact that they will not be able to achieve or maintain a firm erection during sexual activity.

● Due to professional reasons and also the economical reasons most of the men who are in their 20s and 30s experience prolonged mental distress, this is one of the main reasons that prevent them from being aroused.

● If you have some serious relationship issues and conflicts, then it may also lead to problems related to the erection of the penis.

How To Treat And Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

For most men, the erection problem occurs rarely, and they need not be concerned about the issue. If it happens 20 to 25 percent time while you are stimulated you need not worry about that. However, if you are experiencing erection problems 50 percent of the time, then you have serious health problems and require medical attention.

Once the cause of erectile dysfunction is diagnosed by your doctor the first thing most of the doctors and medical professionals suggest is oral medicines or pills to cure erectile dysfunction.

You can take medicines like Cenforce and Vidalista. Cenforce has one of the most important ingredients, sildenafil, which helps a man to get a proper erection and letting a man have a long and pleasing sex experience.

Vidalista also has sildenafil in it. It helps a man with erectile dysfunction to get a proper erection for 2 to 4 hours. You have to take these medicines at least 1 hour before you are planning to have sexual activity with your partner. 

This article will offer you good guidance if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction. Try to avoid junk food, alcohol, and reduce the amount of sugar from your food to prevent yourself from getting the root causes of erectile dysfunction.

Stay to be active and do regular exercises to avoid obesity, which may lead to impotency. In case you are experiencing erectile dysfunction more than often, take the above-mentioned medicines after consultation with a doctor. Get your sex life back on track with the advises and medicines available in the market.