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What is the Exact Time to put the baby in a Stroller without Car Seat?

What are you worried about? Do you want to put your baby in stroller without car seat as soon as possible? You do not know what the exact time is to put the baby in a stroller without a car seat. Here is a good tip for you. You can do it any time after checking a certain sitting posture of baby. See if your baby can sit without any back support on plan surface like sofa or floor. If the baby can sit without any difficulty and enjoy movement then your baby is ready to sit in a stroller without car seat. He can sit straight and stroller without car seat is suitable for him.

         There are also some strollers which can carry a much older baby. They are not suitable for babies who just start sitting straight. This depends upon the back resting system of stroller. If the stroller has full flat recline then baby of any age can be put in it. If the stroller does not contain full recline with 180 degrees, at that time you have two choices. Firstly, leave this stroller and see any other with full recline. Secondly, if you want to go with the same then you must purchase another travel system which should include a car seat. 

          If your baby is just born or if you are not convinced that your baby sits straight and you are uncertain then it is advisable to have infant car seat and a stroller . If you cannot fix his head at point or trembles while sitting, the stroller with car seat is best for your baby for further more time. If you have car seat adapter then it is well and good but if not and you cannot afford the stroller system with car seat then use simple stroller and carry pram or baby bassinet side by side .Usually a baby takes 7 to 8 months to there where remain no room of doubt that you can use for your baby a stroller without a car seat. 

         It is safe to check the harnesses. Quash your worry with proper inspection of harnesses and belts. Put them on proper place and be worry free. There are some strollers specially designed for infants. They are usable without the car seat adaptor. Or else a primary baby accessory of a bassinet or a car seat is helpful for your baby.

        It is suggested in best interest of baby and parent to use stroller with breaks. Make the stroller ride maximum to the length of two hours not more. These pauses do not let you feel the stroller heavy to push. The study shows that baby’s safe stay period in stroller is 2 hours.

          So, we can reach a conclusion that the exact time for putting baby in stroller without car seat is when he is 7 to 8 month old. Your baby can sit in it unattended. Less than two hours is ideal time for baby to remain in stroller.

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