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What is the wild symbol in the online slot?

Wild symbols in wizardslots have existed a long time ago since slot machines started being used. These symbols perform a Joker-like function in a deck of cards. To create a winning combination, they can be combined with any symbol on the reel. Wild symbols are the base of any good online casino game. Some game developers often combine wild symbols with multipliers. To create a winning line, a wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol. It is not a surprise that some wild symbols can also possess prices of their own.

Importance of wild symbols

The influence of the wild symbols is such that it can help to complete winning Payline. At times the Payline to be completed are those that will naturally not result in a win. But the influence of the wild symbol will turn the tide around to a win. Its power to substitute for other symbols on the reel is what it used in turning games around from unfavorable to favor, this might help to change the fortune of a player. These functions are performed according to the site that hosts the games and their dictates.

Different wild symbols in online slot games

Below we will be looking at the different types of wild symbols that a player can come across in an online slot game. These wild symbols can come in different colours shapes and sizes.

·   Colossal- this wild symbol presents with it great winning chances, a player can come across it during free spins or regular base games. They are three by three wilds that appear on the reels during turns.

·  Expanding- expanding wild is what we are referring to when we say it comes in different shapes and sizes. It can cover the whole reel, in a situation where this occurs the possible chance of a win is at its greatest.

· Duplicating- in some games, before a spin, a certain reel is highlighted. If the wild appears in this situation it duplicates it and covers the whole reel. Duplicating and expanding also want to have the same feature but they are quite different.

·   Multipliers- this type of wild possesses the ability to increase player’s wins severally. For example, a final winner will be multiplied severally if a multiplier wild is triggered. In essence, the main function of this wild is to multiply player’s wins.

·  Sticky- just like its name this wild stays glued to a reel during the spin. This wild is also useful in that in the event of a win they can add to wins if the sequence is one that is favorable.

·  Random- this type of wild is the least in the pecking order as they do not possess any special power or feature. You can always acquire them even when you do not expect them. They just drop off randomly during the course of a game.

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