Which Island Is It Best For Scuba Diving In Andaman?

Scuba diving is a really interesting and adventurous activity. You can listen to your breathing vibration, with picturesque marine creatures throughout you.

Scuba diving in the Andaman is an excellent way to traverse the underwater realm. Havelock Island is one of the best places for scuba diving in Andaman.

Scuba Diving at Havelock Island 

Scuba diving in Havelock island is one of the most famous adventuresome experiences relished by several sightseers. Havelock is a haven for peaceful beaches encompassed by gorgeous coconut and palm trees. Millions of travellers appreciate kayaking, jet- skiing, boating, boating in the glass rear ships near the Elephant beach.

Havelock Island is recognized for its crystal transparent water and scuba diving in such a spot is an astonishing experience. Observe the underwater world in natural blue water when you go Scuba Diving at Havelock Island as it is one of the world’s top places for diving. If you explore all things in Andaman city, so you can plan 4 Days – Andaman Tour and enjoy the vacation.

 All the required tools and a lifeguard, and you are all determined to jump into the blue heaven loaded with stunning coral reefs and an immense number of fishes. Feel a different world with marine creatures.

It is an experience of flawless calmness and mystery. To provide life a rest from the everyday struggle, one should undertake this underwater safari. This island is also a perfect place for scuba dive training for the newcomers and also for experienced divers.

How to Arrive at Havelock Island?

The most reliable way to reach the island is to take a flight to Port Blair and pick a government-run Ferry to Havelock Island from there. You can also reap a 3-4 day long ferry from Chennai to enter Port Blair if you require to save cash. If you’re completely encumbered with money, you can avail of chopper services. 

  • Meet the coach at the Havelock Jetty harbour and after a prompt introduction, continue for a coaching session.
  • The practice session will 15 minutes where the dive tutor will demonstrate how to breathe and sway underwater.
  • After the training, start the 30 minute diving in the natural blue water at the Havelock beach. 
  • After the diving adventure, images and videos have been shared with the travellers.

The Relevant Information And Suggestions For Beginners

  • People diving for the first time required to remain within an extent of 30 to 40 meters.
  • Proficient coaches are needed for diving deeper
  • It becomes necessary to prefer a reputable driving school for assuring impeccable safety
  • You can view Scuba diving in the Andaman Islands as it has many diving schools endeavouring candid dives or open water programs that guarantee you as a scuba diver. 
  • You must prefer the schools accredited by the most renowned scuba diver training institutes in the world
  • You can choose the months from December to April as it is the most suitable time for Scuba diving in Andaman & Nicobar. You’ll get an opportunity to notice the amazing sea life along with the world of wonderful water bodies, energetic fish and impressive corals throughout this time.
  • It is housed to more than 700 varieties of fish such as parrotfish, angelfish, loggerhead tortoises, and so on, which you can view while scuba diving
  • Havelock Island is the most prevalent place for scuba diving in Andaman among the 57 islands.
  • There are 2 sorts of scuba diving that you can appreciate in the Andaman Islands- Night diving and Long diving
  • A great scuba light is used in night diving. It assists in interacting with the other divers
  • Long diving will carry you to 30 meters undersea. Therefore, it becomes necessary to be careful as it can be hazardous if not planned correctly
  • The costs rely on the kind of scuba diving you chose and the school you choose. 
  • People with severe medical situations require to verify with the doctor before going for Scuba Diving. Primarily pregnant ladies, heart victims and people with high or low hypertension.
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