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Why is blogging still popular in 2020?

Blogging is basically a way to get your interest or passion out to a wider audience. In 2019, blogging will still offer the space to exchange ideas with like-minded people about their shared passion for certain topics. Not only did the general interest in blogging grow steadily, but so did the selection of topics covered.

Of course, you can always write about classic topics such as travel or fashion, but you can also write about comics or different kinds of beauty products if you are more interested in these topics. As long as you write about what is really important to you, your readers will identify with your passion and will continue to visit your blog in the future.

Blogging in year 2020

Blogging in 2020 is also popular because blogs can be used as an affiliate or partner marketing platform. With readers and followers who feel addressed by the content of a blog and trust the blogger’s opinion, bloggers also make money with their product recommendations.

By participating in a partner program and joining an affiliate network, bloggers have the chance to link products and receive a commission or a corresponding fee for advertising products from the seller/dealer of the product – it is enough in some cases when the blogger’s target group clicks on the corresponding partner links.

Creation of your Blog content

After choosing a suitable name and design, you surely already have a good idea of ​​how and where you want to start creating your first content. As in all other areas, the development of a solid strategy helps to save time and ensure that your articles or posts are coherent.

Here an editorial calendar is used, which basically represents an overview, in which it becomes clear which topics and contributions are to be dealt with and on which date they should be published. In this way, contributions can be planned and research work organized in a productive manner. But how do you best choose the topics for the calendar?

Brainstorming would be an option. Write down any ideas or terms that come to mind on the topic of your blog. Also, think about which questions you had yourself on this topic because your readers will very likely also ask themselves these questions. Social blog service made the whole thing of content much easier.

Find a suitable name for your blog

Before you turn to something else, you should first give your blog a suitable name or URL. If you are concerned that your preferred name has already been taken, your domain provider is guaranteed to suggest a few alternatives.

The name of your blog is the first contact for your readers in general, so it is all the more important that you choose a name that fits the topic that you want to deal with on your blog. For example, it makes sense to create a list of keywords that have to do with the topic of your blog and to note down a few different variations of catchy expressions.

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