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Why is the Indian Talent Market the Best Choice for Hiring Front-End Developers?

Indian talent has been a global priority for decades, which is more valid for technology companies than others. Around 18 million Indians are settled in different countries today. Most of them work for various multinational companies and contribute significantly to the GDP of different nations.

Also, there are several Indians who are either CEOs or CIOs of different tech companies or are a part of the senior management in these companies. 

India is home to hundreds of engineering colleges and is known for producing about 1 million engineering graduates yearly. Almost 2.5 lakh of them go ahead and work in software development and technology domains, and hence, most of these engineering graduates have a technical inclination.

There is a skill gap in the global market, and global companies are filling this gap with Indian talent.

Reasons to Hire Front-End Developers from India

Massive Market

India is a populated country. Several young professionals in India have high aspirations and great career plans. About 2500 engineering colleges in India help students acquire the required skill-set and become technologically equipped. Hence, millions of people are technically sound and ready to take up jobs in different technology giants.

Saves Effort, Time, and Resources

Hiring resources from India is not that expensive. Hence, it is easy to hire resources from India affordably. Also, you save a lot of time and resources as you don’t need to spend much money on training the front-end developers from India. Another aspect is the worth of resources. The cost of living in India is relatively low, so you can hire more resources in the allocated budget.

Hiring Remote Developers From India


24/7 Support

If you hire front-end developers for remote work, you can avail the benefits of 24X7 services. Indians are flexible with work timings as a section of people work day shifts while others work night shifts. You can hire a team and divide the work hours so that you get the support of quality front-end developers throughout the day.

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Productive Workforce

To produce highly optimized websites and web applications, front-end developers in India work with various innovative technologies, tools, and frameworks. They have hands-on experience working on these tools and using them to create websites and applications. 

When you engage Indian front-end developers, you create a knowledgeable team that works diligently to complete the project on schedule and produces clean and concise results. Indians have a high work ethic, and you can bank on the same. Front-end developers use the agile technique in India to produce online apps that are high-quality and are logical, interactive, and user-friendly.

Excellent Quality of Work

Indians are known for delivering quality work. They believe in hard work and strive for perseverance to deliver the best output. Indians are used to surviving different competitive exams as you need to sit through these exams to get into a college or a university. They have a sense of humility in them and give their best in whatever they do. That reflects in the quality of work they do.

Technical Expertise

Front-end developers need to have a specific skill-set. The quality of education in engineering colleges in India is quite good, and it helps students develop a technical bent of mind. The four-year B.Tech degree is rigorous, and the students are trained to work on different platforms and software. Hence, they have the expertise required to work in global MNCs as front-end developers.

Smart Personnel 

Front-end developers need to have a technical bent of mind. In India, people are taught to devise unique ways of solving a problem. They are believed to be natural problem solvers, and hence they can devise new or multiple ways to solve a problem. This skill comes in handy when a developer is working with multiple applications and has to develop innovative solutions.

Easy Communication

English is a commonly spoken language in India. Schools have the English language as a part of their curriculum, and it is also the second-largest English-speaking country. Therefore, communication is not a problem. English is a global language and is used in corporations throughout the world. Hence, Indians face no issues with communication in other countries.


Indians are pretty adaptable. They travel around the world and blend in with the prevailing culture of the country. Additionally, India is culturally diverse, and students travel all the time to complete their education. They come from different backgrounds and start adapting to a new culture and city. Indians are known for bending and breaking their habits and fitting into new molds, making them a perfect fit for global employment. 

Wrapping up

Indians today have proved to have their mettle in different fields, and software development is a field where they have gained prominence. Several front-end developers are currently working in India and are looking for better opportunities. The number of Indians working in different tech companies has increased considerably, and all these companies recognize their efforts.

Several Indians aspire to travel to different countries in search of work, but only a few can do so. This is because of the limited resources. However, with the pandemic coming into the picture, several opportunities have opened up for Indians in remote working spaces. Several Indians now take front-end development jobs in different countries and work from their homes. 

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