Why sleeping with a Weapon under your pillow is not a good idea

Why Sleeping With A Weapon Under Your Pillow Is Not A Good Idea?

Sleeping with a loaded gun under your pillow is definitely not a good idea. No-one, I repeat no one should sleep with a loaded gun under their pillow. Well, I know reading the first two sentences, you surely need a solid reason to believe me and I am going to explain my stand. While I’m not against the use of guns for personal protection, in fact if you want you can purchase firearms & tactical equipment and ammo right away, but sleeping with it, for me, is a big No- No. So let me tell you why we should not sleep with a loaded gun under our pillow

1. When you sleep you have lost your control over your hands and fingers. So it can cause danger to you and the person sleeping next to you if by any chance you accidentally press the trigger in your sleep.

2. If you have a gun under your pillow and one day, your partner, wife, or kids play a prank on you while you are sleeping and you suddenly wake up and end up hurting them. You know very well that when woken from a deep sleep, your mind is going to need some time to recover and if you woke up in fear you may shoot your kids or your wife I assume?

3. Your kid can come anytime to your room while you sleep and you never know what they can do with it. It can lead your kids to extreme danger and their lives at stake. 

4. You believe or not but it is a human tendency to do funny things when you’re in that twilight zone of sleep or near-sleep. So with your act out of funniness, you may lose someone.  

5. Sometimes putting a loaded gun under your pillow can backfire on you, what if someone stole it, even your kids stole it and started playing with it without knowing the consequences.  It may not be a regular thing, but if you get in a heated argument with your family members. The anger can trigger you and another person to a level that you both can misuse the gun. 

Instead of putting a loaded gun under your pillow while you sleep, I would recommend you to use Biometric Gun Safes. Biometric gun safes are specially construed for a hassle-free and reliable access. As you know that Biometric technology uses your fingerprint instead of a traditional combination, password, or physical key. So you and anyone capable of handling guns in your house can use it for the betterment of other family members. An experienced person can take out a loaded gun from a biometric gun safe when needed and do the needful. 

Plus, biometric gun vaults recognize your unique fingerprint, simply program your finger, and scan to enter your quick-access gun safe. So it will take less time to get your gun out and you don’t need to fear for the safety of your close ones or the person sleeping near you. 

And there are other alternative ways to keep your gun close to you while you sleep. You can install a nightstandw with this that will help you. This is better than putting your loaded gun under your pillow. 

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