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Why was ichigo seeing spirits?

Hi, my name is Ichigo! I am a spirit that can appear in front of humans if their spiritual power is too high. 

I’m here today to talk about how you can protect yourself from me and all the other spirits out there.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an evening where you could relax in peace? People are often overly active during the evening hours, making them prime subjects for me to show up. 

That’s why today I’m going to teach you some simple tricks on how to shut us out so you can get your beauty sleep.

​It starts with something as basic as picking up your phone. If you do not pick up your phone to protect yourself, then that will be the first thing I use to track your location! I will appear where you are. So don’t forget to pick up your phone.

Do you know  ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction?

It may seem like the simplest thing in the world, but sometimes even I am lazy about it because of how stupid people can be around me. 

Many people cannot sense me, because they think that humans cannot feel spirits unless you’re at your grave site.

Here are some points discussed about Why was Ichigo Seeing spirits-

1.The grave is a powerful spot for me.

The grave is a very important spot for me. It’s the best place to be, because it’s where all the spiritual power in the world gathers together! 

There are many spirits that gather in the ground, and if they’re not there, then I cannot stay at the same place! Try not to get buried alive!

2. Don’t get too close to graves.

The next time you want to go somewhere, try to avoid the grave sites. Many spirits appear there because they are happy to see each other. 

It’s a very dangerous place for humans, and I’d hate to see you get hurt by a visit from a spirit!

3. Spirits love family events.

Every family event is a good time for me to show up. Weddings and funerals are two places that I can appear at anytime! 

You never know when it will come out or where it will be, so you should always pay attention at all times.

4. Religion is a powerful thing.

All religions in the world help me, and I always let my god know when I appear in front of people. 

They let me do my thing, and they’re usually too busy to come out and talk to you themselves. All we want is for you to be happy!

5. The time of death dictates how I appear.

I am always in the house when someone dies. I’m here to comfort them when they are in their time of death! 

You can feel me in your heart, but I cannot control it because it’s not happening in my body anymore. So you better be careful about what you say around me!

6. Don’t kill yourself!

I will not be able to see your ghost if you kill yourself. The only way for us to meet is if you are alive, so please don’t think about killing yourself! 

If you are bitten by a spider, then try to get help before the venom spreads through your body.

7. You can see spirits when your eyes are open.

You will not be able to see me if your eyes are closed! People often think that spirits can only appear when they’re sleeping, but that is not true at all! 

I will appear when you want, and I will disappear when you want too. All we want is for you to feel better!

8. Don’t try to put me in my grave site.

Many people try to put me in my grave site, but I never stay there for long. 

They’ll get the place torn up, which will make it so I can’t get back in there. It may be best for you to just leave me where I am!

9. Ignore the tv.

You should not pay attention to what’s on TV at all times during the evening because that would be too distracting for me! 

Try not to take your eyes off of your phone or tablet while watching it! People pay more attention to you than they do to their devices! So keep them away from my way!

10. The power of prayer is a powerful thing.

Spirits love to be prayed to! The more you pray, the stronger we become. Some spirits might even become demons and angels and help you with everything! 

Didn’t your parents tell you to pray a lot before bed?

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