An Exercise Physiologist (EP) is being growingly sought in Australia, as their effective treatments give lasting results to patients. EPs employ exercise as a medium to treat chronic pain and ailments. Its uses are not merely limited to illnesses but also helps athletes and improve their performance. They can support a wide range of people with different fitness needs. 

They can help alleviate pain and symptoms of the following health conditions:

  • Movement Correction
  • Chronic back pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Diabetes 
  • Knee pain
  • Heart diseases and 
  • Injury Prevention

An Exercise Physiologist imparts numerous benefits, a few of which are:

1. Educate

They educate people about parts of their bodies and how to maximise their function. The objective is to reach self-management eventually. They teach skills to help move and mobilise the body more effectively and efficiently. 

An EP is not a personal trainer. They are more of a guiding presence, that mentor and support people. Barefoot Fairfield Physio tells us that an EP is not a personal trainer. They are more of a guiding presence by providing a rehabilitation prognosis and advising on exercises, movement, and methods to recover from and prevent injury when exercising. They provide expert health tips and advice. However, the effectiveness depends on the benefactors and how well they implement the recommendations given. 

2. Teach out of Experience:

Like most allied health professionals, EPs have to take a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree of four years. They also gain a wealth of on-field training through internships and practice sessions. 

3. Cultivate self-care:

It is a method that shifts power to the patients and empowers them to have more control over their bodies. By managing the conditions on their own and utilising exercises, they learn to deal with the issues effectively. The strategies are focused on proactive management more than providing a cure. 

4. Based on Evidence:

EPs derive their practices and strategies from sound scientific research. They do not go behind ‘trends’ or follow fads. Their actions and methods have scientific grounds to back them. 

5. Sound of Reason:

When acting as one’s agents in exercising, people often become their own worst enemies. They either work too hard, resulting in burnout, or do nothing at all. 

When beginning a new exercise routine or program, people end up biting off more than they can chew and end up getting injured. It is common for people to forget their age and not remember that their body is not as agile as it was 20 years before. 

6. Rational Prescriptions:

The exercise physiologist prescribes exercises like a doctor would prescribe medicines. But they have the benefit of knowing all possible side effects, and they are usually very few. All practices are well-tested and documented. 

7. Prevention before Medication:

Exercise is vital for many bodily functions and systems. Why not try out exercise before receiving medication. EPs are equipped and trained to handle this. After all, it is only better if one gets healed without much medication. 

8. Effective Techniques:

The technique deserves more attention than it gets. It is an aspect that is capable of making or destroying an individual. Proper techniques maximise performance, minimise pain or injury risks, and help one become stronger and more agile. 

9. Medical Conditions:

Individuals on the road to rehabilitation should consult adequately trained experts who are fully aware of their condition. Medical conditions encompass a range of issues and not just Diabetes. For example, people living with lower back pain, injury recovery, and other such conditions deserve specialised treatment. The risks are higher if one returns to regular activities without going through a suitable rehabilitation regime first. 


The rehabilitation process is vital, and one must not ignore it if they want to enjoy lasting relief from pain. An EP will guide one through the valleys of pain and injury and help them get across safely to help them live their desired life. 

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