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7 Doubts About Healthy Food You Should Clarify

It’s time for everyone to stop worrying about healthy food and the health of the world. We have brilliant minds that are tackling these problems with innovative solutions. In fact, people’s fears about healthy food are doing more harm than good. Uconn health center blackboard is filled with positive news about advances in healthy food and new, innovative ways to produce it. There are plenty of misconceptions about healthy food that can have negative implications on your lifestyle or health. Here are some facts about healthy food that you need to know.

1. Fruits and vegetables don’t make you fat

Fruits and vegetables aren’t the enemies of a healthy lifestyle, they can be its best allies if the way they are eaten is changed. It should be borne in mind that fruits and vegetables are not fattening because they have so much sugar or fat, sugar and fat have no problem making you fat. Fruits and vegetables contain only one-third of the calories of other foods, meaning eating them is not as fattening as eating rich foods with tons of sugar or fat.

2. Healthy food is not a sign of being rich

The old adage that says ‘You are what you eat’ is still true only that the “you” in it refers no longer to physical body parts, but your mental and emotional signs. If someone eats healthy foods it does not mean he or she is rich, but that he or she has a high self-esteem, knows what he or she wants, and has the means to obtain them. People who say a person eating healthy food is rich are being shallow and judgmental; they do not understand what eating healthy food entails.

3. If you’re worried about healthy food, you should stop watching television

The news on television are focused on the bad things that exist in the world. On television, we hear about how many people are suffering from hunger, how many children do not have parents, and how many adults go to bed without eating. The fact that there’s so much information about bad things happening in man’s world is because they happen more often than good ones. Television news focuses on negative events because they happen more often in real life, so if you want to see good and positive things happening in your world watch documentaries; these shows focus on positive things happening around the world.

4. Healthy food is not a trend

You can’t find healthy foods in restaurants, at supermarkets or on any retail store shelves. These foods never existed because they do not make money and customers would not buy them. The only place you can get these foods are health stores or specialty stores that want to cater to their customers’ needs and wants. Healthy food is a trend that should become the norm; it is important that we start living healthier lifestyles because by educating people, creating awareness about healthy food and informing them about how to get it, most of us will be able to eat healthier food.

5. Organic food is not healthier

Many people believe that organic food is healthier than non-organic food. This belief has no basis in fact and if it did exist it would be very difficult to prove scientifically. Organic foods are the same, if not worse than the non-organic ones; some of them even have more sugar or fat in them than the non-organic products. Organic foods can contain 50% more sugar and fat than non-organic foods, and even though they are labeled as healthy they could be more harmful. 

6. Eating healthy food is not that hard

Eating healthy food is not difficult; in fact, it’s easy. There are many ways to make healthier recipes, and the ingredients are not expensive at all. You just need to shop around for ingredients that are wholesome and low in fat and sugar. For example, you can make your own yogurt, which is better than store-bought yogurt because you can control the ingredients that go into it. You can also find recipes for muffins, cookies, cake and other foods at; this website has hundreds of recipes for different needs and different occasions.

7. Healthy food is still food

For some reason, people associate healthy food with no taste and not being as fun to eat as the other stuff out there. They think that eating this kind of food is like feeding their body poison, even though these foods are packed with nutrients and minerals that will keep them healthy and strong. If you want to try eating healthy food for the first time, start slowly by preparing recipes at home until you get used to it. 

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