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A Deep Dive Into Maladia Clothing.

What is maladia clothing?

A Marathi term, maladia means ‘mental illness’. This is a social enterprise which helps people in India who have mental health issues. By purchasing a special item, you help to provide the financial support and treatment needed for their work.

Some things to know about what they do:

Though you can’t buy maladia’s clothing yet, here are some things to know about what they do:

– The charity is humanitarian, not profit driven; all the money they receive goes towards everything they do.

– They send farmers and housewives into schools that meet their needs to teach them how to make these products and then make them available as well.

– farmers and housewives are trained in social and handicraft skills, to combat isolation and enhance their self esteem.

– They work towards helping the people with mental health issues live a fulfilling life.

– They started in Pune, India and have been working for about 30 years. They are known for their excellent work as well as their ethics.

– The group gives them a chance to be valuable members of society, by making them feel needed and giving them an opportunity to succeed. – All they ask is that they work hard and the fair wage they pay goes directly towards supporting their loved ones with treatment or setting up small businesses so they can live on their own.

Features of Maladia Clothing:

Their Maladia Clothing consists of a shirt, sari, dress, blouse and a dhoti (traditional wrapped skirt). Each item is handmade from recycled fabrics and fibers; some are made from rags or old curtains in someone’s home. The average factory worker makes about $150/month; maladi workers can make about $800/month for their work.

– The maladia group has been working to change the way the garment industry works in many countries like India and Kenya.

– They teach people how to use the sewing machines and how to sew on zippers so they can earn more money.

– Housewives go out to educate the community and make sure people know what services they need.

– They have a team of model employees that they advertise on their website so the general public can see what they do.

– To ensure a garment is sold, they send it to a market where customers will buy it because it’s unique, bold and beautiful; all of the garments are made in India.

– Simply put, there is no such thing as ‘unskilled labor’ at maladia because everyone has something to teach; everyone teaches a skill or shares an idea.

– They provide workshops for women who have mental disorders or disabilities; for example: teaching them how to sew.

What are the advantages?

Here are some of the advantages:

– In a world where a garment is made every second, it’s hard to find something that’s truly one of a kind; with maladia clothing, you can be sure that each product is handmade and only one of its kind. – The styles are mostly just different variations of long skirts, button down shirts and gowns. The reason they do this is because they want all the women to work on them together, which helps with the employees’ self esteem.

– All of their garments are hand made; each product has an actual person behind it that takes pride in their work and loves what they do. – All they ask is that the people who make and sell them are honest, fair and treat their workers well.

– The prices are affordable and fair; an average factory worker can earn about $150/month for their work. – From this amount, maladia takes a small percentage of it each month that goes towards supporting the charity.

– The whole world has mental health issues and it’s important to know how to help people who have issues with their mental health. This can be done by giving them proper treatment, finding ways to help them or helping them find a better way of earning money so they don’t have to depend on other people for financial support.

Are there any disadvantages?

Although maladia clothing is a great way to help people, there are some problems:

– The group’s mission is to help people with mental health issues; however, they can’t help everyone. – They have limited funds and only focus on the most needy people who have the worst situations.

– Although they do good charity work, they aren’t actually licensed to operate as a charity organization in India. – They are currently not accepting any new customers and don’t have any plans on doing so because they do not want to end up being a scam money making scheme.

– It’s too expensive for the average factory worker because he or she makes about $150/month for their work.

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