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If you live in Texas or are planning to move to Texas but can’t decide which city is better for you and fits your needs, this article will benefit you. Here are some of the best places to live in Texas, and every place is different from others.

Austin: Austin is voted as the “greenest city of Texas”; therefore, if you love plants and greenery, you might like Austin. Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. The climate is warm throughout the whole year. The community of Austin is very friendly. You will see people performing music outside their houses or beside the street almost every day of every week. The musical scene of Austin is increasing rapidly, and the people are encouraging it very much. Living in Austin will be a good choice because of the friendliness and culture. Buying a house in Austin is an even better idea because the value of the property is increasing rapidly. Many schools and educational institutes are situated here, and almost everyone is educated. The employment rate is also very high. Various types of jobs are available in Austin.

Frisco: Frisco, also known as the safest city in America, has many things to offer. The crime rate in Frisco is very low, and the citizens of Frisco are very helpful. The environment in Frisco is friendly, and the culture is diverse. If you love football, Frisco will be like heaven for you. You can visit the local Ford Center and watch the Dallas Cowboys practice. You might even get an autograph if you are lucky. The cost of living is also considerably lower than in most places of the nation. There are many educational and job opportunities. If you like Mexican food, it’s a good place for dine-outs.

Houston: Houston has a very diverse culture. You will experience different cultures, food, music, neighborhoods, etc. Houston offers many museums, art galleries, parks, and different places for entertainment. If you are a sports person, Houston has various sports to offer you. Houston is a very suitable place for jogging and biking. Houston is like heaven for a foodie because they have Mexican food, barbecues, and seafood of different cuisine. It is also a good place for starting a business. Job and educational opportunities are available here.

Dallas: Dallas offers you a lot of outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, biking, etc. It has a high employment rate, and different types of jobs are available here. The education system is good. You don’t always have to drive your car to commute because Dallas has a very good transportation system. The Dallas cost of living is lower than most cities of its size, and the prices of food items and other grocery items are also very cheaper than in most places. Texas doesn’t charge taxes, and you don’t have to pay corporate taxes to the state.

El Paso: El Paso has lots of hiking and biking trails for you to do outdoor activities. El Paso is a good place if you don’t like cold weather because it’s considered the warmest city in Texas. The living cost is also lower by 1% by the average of Texas. The crime rates are low, and the educational opportunities are good.

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