eGift CARDS: All you need to know!

What more can be unique and easy to gift other than eGift cards! eGift Cards are an ideal way to gift someone and can be redeemed online as well as in stores. Generally, most of the eGift Cards are redeemed online on different e-commerce websites. However, certain walk-in stores accept them as well. We can replace them as […]

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The Ocicat Breed’s Story

The Ocicat feline breed has a genuinely interesting story on how she came to be. The pretty kitty was a surprise among her litter decades ago in the 1960s. The pet parent at the time intended to create a Siamese but one with Abyssinian points.  In her attempts, the parent bred the male Abyssinian with […]

How To Spot a Fake Rolex

Rolex Buying Guide: How To Spot a Fake Rolex

Rolex has been in the watchmaking industry for many years now. The whole thing began with the creation of the first waterproof wristwatch by Hans Wilsdorf, the amazing and brilliant founder of the company. From then on, a wide-range of masterpiece timepieces have been successfully developed and become iconic in the world of watchmaking.  As […]