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Karma Automotive, LLC, Wanxiang America Corporation. Formerly Fisker Automotive

Karma Automotive, LLC is an electric car company founded in 2015 as a new version of the company Fisker Automotive, which initially failed. It is owned by the Chinese automotive company Wanxiang Group Corporation and produces plug-in electric-drive vehicles with a combination of battery-powered technologies. The cars are sold by dealers all across the USA under the leadership […]


Designing Custom Takeaway Boxes

For restaurants, customised takeaway boxes offer an effective and cost-effective way to advertise the brand of the food being served and also create a lasting impression among potential customers. It helps in attracting customers towards the restaurant and creates awareness about the quality of the products being served. Hence, the use of these boxes has […]

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Is web design still an honest business model? + 8 tips

There are a spread of possible business models for self-employed people on the web, including web design, which is extremely popular.But how useful is that the web design business model today and why did I stop doing it a couple of years ago?You will learn that and more in today’s article. Everything was better before?!As a web founder, you’ll use online platforms to sell products or start your […]

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A Reliable Gadget to Guard Your Business Place from Coronavirus Outbreak

The economic graph of every country has raised down due to the coronavirus outbreak. It is the worst situation which has destroyed the whole world. Many death cases have been recorded due to coronavirus outbreak and many people have lost their jobs due to coronavirus outbreak. Almost every organization have allowed their employees to work […]