Can the Dentist be an Orthodontist?

We can understand your confusion about both of these professions. After all, they both works in the same field that is related to teeth. Both provide the same level of oral health to their patients and both have done Orthodontics courses. Maybe you have a brainstorming session on top of your head that if a dentist provides all the Orthodontics services, then he or she can be Orthodontists. Or maybe it is another name of the dentist. But you’re wrong here as this is not the case what you think. But the reality is that putting aligners as well as braces on teeth never make a dentist an Orthodontists. 

So, if you want an adult orthodontic treatment, then go for a professional with diploma Orthodontics or any other higher qualification.

A dentist who is normally known as a general dentist or a family dentist can only treat the overall oral health. The main tasks as done by the dentists include dealing decayed teeth by filling and remove the failed teeth such as extractions. Usually, they proffer services like crowns, bonding, or veneers to make improvements in the appearance and teeth functions that have vast decayed teeth or any mishappen or broken teeth. Dentists only look at the issues within the mouth and provide advice to prevent dental diseases only. 

There are certain programs such as postgraduate diploma Orthodontics that are more skillful and knowledgeable and equip with the abilities beyond dentistry. This is the place where an Orthodontists come from. 

Dentists get into the dental school to complete four years of their education in the field of dentistry and then, go for an accredited program where they can study a specific specialty for two and more years. After studying a specific area of dentistry by completing their formal education, they can place a title for their profession and Orthodontist is one of them. 

Some other specialists include endodontists, dealing with root canals; periodontists, treating gum disease; and pediatric dentists, who specialize in dental care for the people under the age of 21. Similarly, the specialists are the Orthodontists who emphasize on how teeth meet and its functions, about alignment, jaws such as the upper and lower one. So, all these are the categories of different specialization that is not similar to that of a dentist. When an aspirant gets an Orthodontics course, then they can become an Orthodontists.

General dentists only licensed to do the practice of dentistry. Even if they do not have any post-dental training, then they can also provide services of specialty care. For instance, a dentist knows how to do root canal but it does not mean the person is an endodontist and if the dentist performs tooth extraction, then does not mean that the person is an oral surgeon. So, if you want an Orthodontic treatment, then go for a professional with diploma Orthodontics or any other higher qualification.

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