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To attract a good number subscriber, you must need to come up with quality content. No matter what genre you are following, you must be able to have subscribers and viewers on your channel. If you are planning to pursue you-tubing as your passion, you need to seriously work for it by creating respectable videos to achieve your targeted audience. 

If you are looking for tips and tricks to reach 100k subscribers in 2020, then keep reading the article to know the right strategies and actions for your channel. 


  1. Make quality content

If your content has the potential to earn people’s attention and make them subscribe to you, it will take no time for you to gain more and more subscribers. Usually content that is worth watching and has the quality to make people continuing viewing your videos, gets the most views and urge everyone to subscribe to your channel. 

  1. Stay consistent

Staying consistent is the secret ingredient behind having more subscribers. It works in every profession no matter what you are doing. If you preparing for something that Top Gun Jacket requires public response than you will need to stay consistent and connected to them. If you keep uploading videos on your channel more people get to view you content and it will have a bigger reach. 

  1. Choose trendingkeywords

You must have heard about the word SEO, if not, lets inform you a little about it. SEO is a optimisation that is used when you need to rank on a page on a search engine. You can contact a SEO analyst who will inform you about precise keywords that are on trending on youtube, which will in turn make you channel visible for the audience by helping them find what they are looking for. 

  1. Thumbnails matter!

Good Thumbnails play a very essential role in making your videos go viral. If you create a thumbnail that is blurry and overfilled, then nobody will want to click on your video. Thus, you need to have a eye-catching, clear and unique thumbnail and if you want to add captions on it make sure to use bigger and clearer font that is easily visible. This technique will attract people. 

  1. Mention to click the subscribe button

It is quite possible that some people will view your video, but they will forget to subscribe to your channel. So you need to keep reminding the viewers to click the subscribe button by mentioning it again and again in your videos. This is a tried and trusted method used by most of the subscribers. It may be annoying for some people but is a friendly reminder for people who don’t really bother to subscribe. 

  1. Add a description 

If you have good english writing skills, make sure to use it in the description box below your video. Use simple but appealing words to describe your content so that it urges people to be your regular subscriber. If the viewers will like your description, they would love to watch other videos and will subscribe to your channel to keep a check in the future. 

  1. Buy some subscribers 

If you want your channel to grow you may opt for buying some subscribers. It is no harm in doing so if you are worthy of it, it might be just a kick start for you. So, you can look up websites where this option is available which will enable you to buy subscribers. If you gain more subscribers, then people will surely visit your channel seeing that you are already a well-known creator. Thus, it will attract more and more audience too. 

  1. Use social media for publicity 

Share the link to your youtube channel on all your social media profiles. Ask your friends to share you videos as much as possible on their social platforms. This way you can go viral and gain more followers. You can also ask famous social media bloggers to promote your channel by paying them. This will get your channel known among more people and you’ll get more views on your videos. 

All of this will surely help you increase you subscribers. Just make sure that you make good quality content. However, your presentation also matters, such as the way you dress, communicate and your personality too. You can dress yourself up to the fashion and wear dresses that are appealing to you audience. For eg. You can wear trendy black leather jackets or top gun jackets that are quite noticeable by people nowadays. You can also mention the outlet or website from where you shop these apparels in the description box. Such as you can mention in the description so that its easier for your followers to gain access to it. 

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