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Fast Facts About The CISSP

Certified Information System Security Professional or CISSP is one of the most valued certificates internationally. It is provided by the (ISC)2 foundation and is obtained by cracking an examination after gaining five years of experience. 

Here are some fast facts about CISSP:

  • Two key things to pass the exam:
  1. How badly do you want to be a Cybersecurity Certificate holder and how dedicated you are?
  2. You’re driving force or motivation towards this industry. It is either family-related or personal. You might want a raise in your salary or get a better position, and these are personal reasons. Family reasons include your parents, wife, or children motivating you to be a cybersecurity certificate holder.
  • Be mentally prepared and make a real decision. This is because this certification tends to you ask for your complete determination and dedication. You must have a very different mindset if you want to crack the test. Getting started is the secret to going ahead in this world. Prepare a proper schedule and act accordingly. Upon preparing the schedule, the pressure of the deadline is going to help you study more.
  • Appear for mock exams conducted by various online courses. These are full practice examinations that take 2 to 3 hours to be completed. It provides an assessment with the domain of cybersecurity in which you have scope to improve. If the mark in a particular domain is less than what you had expected, that means that you have to study the domain more to know more about it. Solving more questions for giving you a clear idea of how the pattern of questions is going to be in CISSP examination.
  • Many times, it’s not the aftermath of the certification that matters to you. It is neither for salary hike nor to change job. You just needed to prove yourself and know that you have the minimum knowledge required to be one of the best cybersecurity professionals around the world.
  • While studying from question banks and practice papers like McGraw Hill and Cybex, your face questions from the concept that you might have never come across. Be patient and don’t be discouraged. Take notes of the question which you are facing a problem in answering and later read about it and find out the way to solve that question.
  • Preparation procedure (stepwise)
  1. Watch video lectures online.
  2. Do practice questions.
  3. (ISC)2 official book revision.
  4. Try a new set of practice papers.
  5. Reading Sybex book.
  6. Another set of questions.
  7. Reviewing the knowledge of another person preparing for the same or teaching another aspirant.
  8. Appearing for online tests.
  • Understand the concepts related to cybersecurity thoroughly. Read all the processes and flowing mechanism of every concept properly. Have a clear understanding of how a cybersecurity attack takes place.
  • Improve your decision-making capabilities. That is what risk management of a project entirely depends on. Be well versed with the issues around the world and think of the solution that you would have come up with if you were a part of the team tackling the problem. Try to understand the best and worst of something also finding out the reason behind it. Then the problem can be solved through symmetric encryption.
  • Be well prepared for all the 8 domains of knowledge full stop there are no top 4 domains that will help you to crack the exam. You need to well versed with all of them.
  • Don’t panic or fear the exam. It would just be like any other exam that you have faced in your life. It might be a professional exam and tough to crack but, can easily be cracked with proper preparation and dedication towards the field.
  • Many online training centres conduct practice examination of 250 questions every day. Make sure to identify and attend them. This would help you further improve every day and increase your knowledge as well as calibre about the job.

So, these are some fast facts about the CISSP certificate concerning examination and industry. If you are planning to be a part of the cybersecurity industry, these are the facts that you should pay special attention to as they are going to help you a lot before and after entering into the industry. Knowledge and experience combined with professional skills and soft skills would help you flourish in the industry. 

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