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Hanzo’s overwatch ULT

I am Hanzo. I am the Shimada brother who always keeps his cool. I am the hunter without equal.

I will do what needs to be done, no matter how many arrows it takes, no matter how much blood is spilt in the process sometimes even if it means leaving my team behind for a while.

I fly through the air like a stone thrown from a treetop, there is nothing like me in this world except me.” Hanzo’s overwatch ULT by Overwatch Leagues on ‘Hanzo’s overwatch ULT’.   

“I am Hanzo. I am the Shimada brother who always keeps his cool. I am the hunter without equal. 

The answer is discussed here about what does hanzo say when he ults ?

Here are some points discussed about Hanzo’s overwatch ULT-

1. Hanzo’s overwatch ULT- the ultimate ability

Hanzo’s ULT is an arrow shot from his bow, which goes straight through any object, hits the enemy directly and causes damage. 

Both the initial arrow and the fragments deal 100 damage. The initial arrow also sets up a circle of flames around its impact point, dealing 25 damage per second for eight seconds to enemies inside it. 

This flame circle is about half as wide as Symmetra’s Photon Projector beam so it does not unintentionally hit allies. The area of effect indicator for this ability is visible through walls.

The ULT applies a brief “daze” effect to its victims, slowing movement speed by 50% inside the flames. The daze effect wears off after 0.5 seconds.

The damage is applied if the enemy is hit by any fragment of the arrow or by walking through the fiery area. It does not apply to targets with invulnerability or shield abilities active, even if they are hit by an arrow fragment.

2. Hanzo’s Overwatch ULT- the similarities

Hanzo’s Overwatch ULT is very different from Widowmaker’s, which does an immediate 150 damage to its target. Both have some similarities which are-

Both deal damage to enemies within a small radius of their impact point. Both create an area of flames which deal damage over time. 

Hanzo’s ULT summons a fiery area that lasts 8 seconds, while Widowmaker’s lasts 6 seconds. Hanzo’s ULT has a slowed movement speed reduction of 50%, while Widowmaker’s causes her victims to be “slowed” by 25%. 

Both abilities take a short time to cast and apply a 2 second “daze” effect to their victims. Heroes can walk through the fiery area, once the ability is cast. Heroes cannot harm each other when in the fiery area created by Hanzo’s ULT

3. Another Overwatch ULT comparison- Hanzo vs Zenyatta

Hanzo’s Overwatch ULT deals 100 damage in an instant to an enemy with no mitigation. Zenyatta’s passive does 200 damage over time even if they are not hit by an arrow or with another ability. 

Hanzo’s ULT creates a small circular “hell” at its impact point which deals damage over time, while Zenyatta has no direct counterpart. Hanzo’s ULT’s victims are dazed for 0.5 seconds, while Zenyatta’s are not.

Hanzo’s Overwatch ULT is more damaging than Zaryatta’s, but does less damage over time. 

Hanzo can use his arrows to deal burst damage directly to an enemy, while Zenyatta must rely on the enemy coming into contact with one of his spheres or having it placed in a location where they will walk into it. 

Zenyatta’s passive has no cooldown and his orbs will remain active until they expire or until he replaces them with a new set.

4. Hanzo’s overwatch ULT- the numbers

Hanzo’s overwatch ULT does 100 damage in an instant and also sets up a 25 damage per second area over time. 

Hanzo uses four arrows to set up the area, and only one arrow to deal the damage and daze. The initial arrow and fragments do 100 damage each, while the Hellfire Arrow does 125 each. 

Ignoring armor rating, Hanzo’s Overwatch ULT does 400 damage in an instant (200 + 200 + 100 + 100). Widowmaker’s Overwatch ULT does 150 damage in an instant (150).

5. Hanzo’s overwatch ULT- the heroes

Hanzo’s overwatch ULT is an extremely powerful ability, but requires the actor skill of Zenyatta to maximize it. 

Symmetra, Zarya and Ana are not very adept at using the ability. D.Va is too slow to utilize this skill properly, when under fire from enemy snipers.

6. Hanzo’s overwatch ULT- the build

The build is very simple. Usually, you want to have a Zenyatta, a Hanzo and a Widowmaker, this will provide you with 4 heroes already capable of being focused down. 

This means that Hanzo can stick close to the Zenyatta and kill him off quickly, starting an endless chain of eliminations. At this point it’s easy to play as your team finds itself in trouble and to pick up those kills you need urgently.

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