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Health Portal Changed My Life. Here’s My Story

I’ve been on the site now for four years and it has changed my life. I get sponsored more than any other site, I have a better quality of life, and I walk around with a huge smile on my face every day.

It was six years ago that I decided to take the plunge into personal development and try out a health like a tony’s health food store website called Thrive Global. On their content discovery page, there were tens of thousands of articles ranging from how to meditate to what’s the best diet for you. It was an amazing library in one place that truly delivered all the information anyone would ever need — something no health book or magazine could do.

1. To Lose Weight

I wanted to lose weight, so I signed up for the free trial and started reading. I got sucked into one of the very first articles on their site — which was about dieting. It was in the daily digest, but it was posted three times a day. 

The article said something to the effect: “What’s your diet like? Do you eat more than usual? How is your body fat? Do you exercise at all? Are you healthy?”

It encouraged people to keep track of these things so that we could all have healthier lives together. It really got me excited because this was exactly what was missing in my life — someone who cared about me and my health!

2. Learn How To Meditate

I sat down to read the article and it was about two hours long. It was written by a woman named Natalie, who prided herself on having “a fabulous lifestyle and body” but not knowing how she accomplished that.

She talked about her meditation habit and why it has become so important to her. I love reading an author’s voice in a piece like this because it makes them sound so personal, as if they are telling you a personal story. “I realized that my problem wasn’t with my diet or exercise, it was with my mind.”

3. Be More Productive

After about an hour of reading and learning, I felt this overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Instead of wasting my time scrolling through Facebook, I was applying what I learned in Natalie’s article, which was building out meditation practice and practicing gratitude every day.

I had a specific goal: write my book by the end of the year. But before that, “I would need to learn how to be more productive.”

4. Eliminate My Social Anxiety

This one was especially hard for me because it involved some heavy “ahh shucks” moments when other people’s opinions mattered more than my own — like when I wanted to ask a coworker for a favor but got hung up on social anxiety instead.

5. Be More Attentive To Others

The next article I read was about finding ways to be more attentive to others — like attending a networking meeting and taking the time to really listen to what people were saying and learn from them, rather than just speaking my mind like I sometimes do in conversation with friends all the time.

I felt this huge sense of change and excitement reading all these things that had never before been in my life and which were not yet part of my daily routine or routine of habit or any other way I’d done things up until that point.

6. Make A Difference

The next article was about building your own business and making a difference in the world. I’d always been a people pleaser, so it was a major shift to allow my values to be part of my company and make a society-changing product.

I started looking into ways I could measure how other people were doing with my health system. What if there was an app that came along with this new way of living? And what if we tracked our data every single day?

7. Health Portal Changed My Life. Here’s My Story

I started making a list of the things I wanted to change and I knew that it was time to make a difference in the world.

I was so excited about this new information, that I wanted to share it with everyone I knew! The first thing I did was share it with my husband. He couldn’t believe that there were so many people who were just like us — people who didn’t eat meat every day or who didn’t know how to meditate — and we could all be part of changing the world by sharing health and wellness information together on one website and changing our lives for the better!


I am at a place in my life now where I feel like I’m living a storybook. My life is better than it ever has been before, and I am a million times healthier than I was before. 

I would recommend this site to anyone over anything else because it’s more useful and more practical than an online health app or being in the gym every day.

This site gave me the information — but it also gave me access to other people like me who are making important changes in their lives, too. And those are the best kind of people out there.

Aaron Finch
There are many labels that could be given to describe me, but one thing’s for certain: I am an entrepreneur with passion. Whether it's building websites and social media campaigns for new businesses or traveling the world on business trips - being entrepreneurs means constantly looking at yourself in a different light so as not get bored of your own success!