Here are the top data security trends that you shouldn’t’ overlook

There are many businesses in the world that live with the misconception that the financial asset owned by them is surely the most valuable and necessary assets any firm can own in the modern era but you should know that your financial asset is not the only and the most valuable asset that you own. In the modern era, data is being produced at a very fast pace and all the modern-day companies are hungry for data because, with more data, businesses can seriously do magic with their marketing strategy, financial strategy, and even sales strategy. This is why it will not be wrong to say that in the modern era, data is surely one of the most or we can say the most valuable asset owned by any company. It doesn’t matter where you are in the construction firm or ecommerce firm, you will have to make sure that you are using your data well.

But in addition to using your data well, you will have also have to make sure that you are keeping your data protected as well. You should know that there used to be a time when in order to step up to the plate, businesses used to store their valuable financial data on the hard disk but now things have changed and no businesses succumb to these traditional storage solutions and they are moving to the online platform. There are many businesses that are taking advantage of advanced services like NOC services and managed NOC services in order to make their data ultra-secure.

But even on the online platform, the number of cyberattacks is increasing at a very fast pace and this is one of the main reasons why so many businesses are beginning data security strategy on the right foot and looking for the best ways to keep their data secure. Although there are many different types of data security tools available in the market, you will need to keep tabs on the latest trends of cybersecurity in order to stay safe and updated regarding your data security trend.

So, without any further ado, let’s go through the top data security trends of 2020 that you shouldn’t ignore if you are running a business or handling any type of data on the online platform.

Ransomware making lockdown worse

Last year was surely the year of ransomware attacks as we witnessed this old strategy with new cover b being used against giant industries, government offices and even the healthcare sector. Although the ransomware attacks are not a new thing but the scale at which it hampered the businesses and its new form was surely a red flag for many businesses.

But you will need to be prepared for more brutal attacks in the form of ransomware during the lockdown as criminals have become more active during the COVID-19 outbreak and each and every type of evil-minded people on the online platform is looking forward to using the Ransomware technique that they have held under their sleeves. You will witness higher ransom during the virus outbreak and lockdown as criminals know that many companies have moved online during the lockdown.

The influx of deepfake attacks

There is no denial in the fact that the online security system is becoming pristine and now it is not bogged down with old security measures. One of the best examples of how online security measures are improving is Artificial Intelligence. Most of the companies are now using machine learning and it is a far cry from what we used earlier. Machine learning is minimizing human errors and this is one of the main reasons why online security is improving. We cannot say that machine learning will act as a panacea for all cybersecurity issues but we are surely going to see improvements.

But unfortunately, criminals are also stepping up to the plate and using more pristine techniques in order to counter the new ways used by businesses. Last year, we witnessed some of the first deep fake attacks and in the year 2020, such types of attacks are being expected to proliferate.

You should know that criminals are using deep fake to fake even the verbal commands and making illegal transactions with its help. This is surely going to be one of the biggest issues for companies.

Political disagreement will increase security threats

You should know that the internet is an international entity and it is not bound to any restriction when it comes to global reach. The advantageous internet has been built this way because the creators of the internet knew that the digital platform will be more effective with global cooperation, especially when it comes to accessing talent and resources. But all this is just a mirage.

All the entities working behind the curtains are bound by the international and national laws and the growing political disagreement between the east and the west will surely increase security threats on the online platform.

The increasing trade war, fracturing international bodies like the EU, all these signs are not good for the cybersecurity because, in order to deal with each and every type of data security issues, all the countries need to come together.

If you are running a business then you will surely need to keep tabs on the above-mentioned cybersecurity trends because keeping tabs on what’s going on regarding data security will allow you to fine-tune your strategies.

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