Here’s how you can monetize an IPv4 address?

Today every home has a gadget and it is connected to the internet. The internet has been a necessity for everyone in this current world. The use of technology has increased a lot in recent years. There was a time when there used not to be web and any web search tools but today the world is dependent on it. For sending, receiving and storing information in the web IP address is used. 

The most used IP marketplace is IPv4 used for information transmission. Due to its deficiency in 1998, the other form of net, 6 or IPv6 was introduced so that it would eradicate the problem of IPv4 reaching fewer locations which were restricted to 4000 million locations. As we know the internet user and IP clients have surpassed this number so they tried out IPv6 but it was difficult for IPv4 to adapt to IPv6 and they had to use both causing it to be costly and slow. 

The fact has proven that IPv6 was introduced to defeat the underlying defect of IPv4 of not reaching a remarkable number of locations. As it was limited to 4000 million locations but the internet users across the planet have surpassed that number causing it to be difficult and, on another hand, the IPv6 was a 128-bit address which used 128 pieces and was available to 340 trillion remarkable locations and it fulfilled the deficiency of IPv4. In the beginning, there was an error though IPv6 was introduced as it was not viable for the past one due to which the individual who received IPv6 cannot browse the addresses on IPv4. 

This later was prevented by a method called double stack relocation technique in which clients should use both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously but it resulted in slowdown and more costly. As it was difficult to communicate between IPv4 and IPv6 it is mentioned that IOv6 is not an update to the internet but it is the development of another internet with a remarkable number of locations coming under access and is running corresponding to the present IPv4. IP addresses are considered as valued commodities undoubtedly. 

In today’s world, no one is unknown about the internet. As there are lots of unused IPv4 locations they are used by cybercriminals and they have been requesting organizations for extra amounts from cash. Undeniably IP addresses are considered as valued products as it has been increasing day by day used by individuals or any organizations. This is the reason why IPv6 was aimed to fulfill the necessity of extra location to the new clients running media communication organizations. 

Along with it, the mentioned topic is the appropriation of the IPv6 convection and until the framework was made usable to all it is found that vast amounts are moving to IPv4 addresses. Also, the collection of cybercriminals increased in unused IPv4 Locations with no registered owner which is used by them to exchange to enormous broadcast communication gatherings. As mentioned by the United States Regional Internet Registry (ARIN) it has set the maximum holding up to provide the IPv4 addresses to the organizations that are focused and continuing for a longer period. 

It is also found that many cybercriminals hold up the addresses and create organizations to gain the new IP and exchange it with the free IPv4 addresses. From the data provided, it can be said that the unused IPv4 is of great significance. And if anyone has the IPv4 then they can earn some cash from it. To gain cash you need to monetize IPv4 addresses on a huge platform called IPXO. IPXO has been providing a marketplace for selling and buying unused IPv4 addresses. Whilst in this platform one can gain cash through two different methods i.e, IP lease and IP monetization.

Steps of IP lease are:  

  • CIDR or RIR will filter subnets 
  • Automated LOAs and ROAs 
  • Reassignment to any other organization 

Steps of IP monetization (for example monetize IPv4) are:  

  • Importing of subnets with ROA or LOA 
  • Setting the subnet costs 
  • Start earning from your IPv4 address 

There are some advantages of monetizing the IPv4 rather than leasing it but both can make you earn some cash.

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