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How Private Flights Are Safer Than Commercial Ones

The aviation industry has always been lauded as one of optimum safety and comfort when it comes to traveling. However, it is a commonly held notion among many that commercial jets are safer than flying private. But there are a lot of reasons that indicate otherwise.

Keeping aside the luxury, comfort, privacy and convenience there are still a considerable set of advantages that make flying with the best private jet charters much better than commercial ones. Here we explore those areas that private aviation services can offer more safety than commercial ones.

1.Every Single Passenger Is Evaluated

When flying commercially, passengers only need to submit some basic information pertaining to themselves. But it is drastically different if you choose to fly private. While commercial flights know next to nothing about the passengers on board, brokers for private flights speak directly to their passengers and perform background checks.

As a result, the broker receives a very clear idea of everyone who is flying and the level of threat that they can pose, if any. In comparison to commercial carriers, this reason alone makes a lot of the risk factors disappear in the case of private jets.

2.Familiarity with Crews

You hardly ever get to know much beyond the names of the crew when you fly commercial, let alone their qualifications. But they are the ones who control the vessel and have a significant amount of influence over ensuring the quality of your ride. A kind and friendly crew can create a vastly different impression than a rude one.

Apart from that, a private jet crew will have professionals vetted by top companies too. As a part of the job, these companies also make sure to specially train and brief them regarding your preferences regardless of if you have flown with them before.

3.External Safety Checks

When customers book commercial flights, they typically consider the price of tickets, layover options or travel time among other things. Rarely do these people consider the safety associated with these flights. Commercial flights rarely ever go through any external or third-party checks unless under special circumstances.

But in the case of the private charter industry, the brokers want to stand out as the most responsible or trustworthy. They do this by thoroughly tracking the safety records of all the operators they utilize. If they find that a private jet company fails to abide by safety standards, the brokers simply do not recommend them anymore.

4.Private Jets Can Fly above the Weather

One of the biggest concerns that people have with private jets is that they are a lot smaller in size than a commercial airline. This leads to people concluding that they may be far more prone to turbulence.

But on the contrary, their agility and advanced technology allow them to avoid the majority of bad weather. Commercial airlines usually fly between 33,000 feet and 38,000 feet and rarely get permission to go above or below it. Whereas private airlines can cruise at over 50,000 feet and even higher if required.

5.They Can Land at Any Airport

In case of emergency situations if the airplane needs to make an abrupt landing you would be much safer flying in a private jet than in its commercial counterpart. The latter can only land at a few major airport hubs due to their size and the length of the runway required, but a private jet can land almost anywhere even on short notice.

If all of the above reasons were not enough to convince you of the safety of private jets, they also take off from private terminals only and have far fewer people on board. The sum total of all these benefits also involves a shorter journey with much less exposure to germs on board. Go ahead and book yours soon to get the best flying experience!

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