MSME Loans 2020

How to Apply for an MSME loan for Your New Business?

Almost 99% of India’s business entities presently fall under the MSME category based on two parameters – turnover and investment – as of July 2020. The government has backed the MSME sector with various schemes as this segment is a prime contributor to the country’s GDP, overall industrial and economic output, and employment creation. 

However, while starting up a new business, entrepreneurs require substantial funds to meet various necessary obligations, which has been a problem for some. Such individuals can consider MSME loans for new business offered by various financial institutions in India. These credit facilities can help new entities to manage their working capital, cash flow enhancement and other business requirements. 

What is MSME?

As per the new definition, the following are the threshold brackets of investment and return for MSMEs.

  • Micro enterprises – A maximum investment of up to Rs.1 crore and turnover must stay within Rs.5 crore.
  • Small enterprises – A maximum investment up to Rs.10 crore and turnover should stay within Rs.50 crore.
  • Medium enterprises – The investment can go up to Rs.50 crore, and turnaround should not exceed Rs.250 crore. 

How to apply for an MSME loan?

1.Fulfil the eligibility criteria 

Depending on lenders, company profile and loan amount, qualifying parameters of MSME advance facilities can differ. Nonetheless, a few fundamental requirements remain similar for all lenders providing credits for MSMEs. 

For instance, investment return and profitability are considered as the vital determiner for MSME loans for new business. Borrowers should be aware of the benefits of an MSME loan before applying. They must also know the other criteria that have to be met. 

Other qualifying criteria

These criteria include the applicant’s age, credit score, etc. However, these requirements can vary across financiers based on the advance amount and business viability. Thus, when applying for MSME loans for new business, individuals should check all these criteria to ensure approval.

Nonetheless, a strong credit score of 750 or above can be beneficial for borrowers to secure a small business loan at better terms. 

2.Arrange the necessary documents

Applicants have to submit a few mandatory documents that can substantiate their qualification for their preferred loans. 

  • Identity proof like voter ID, Aadhaar, PAN, passport, etc.
  • Residential address proof.
  • Business proof – MSME registration, GST certificate, partnership deed, Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum, trade license, etc. 
  • Age proof.
  • Income tax returns.
  • Financial account statements – Profit & loss account, balance sheet, etc. 
  • Business plan.

Financial organisations can also ask applicants to submit additional documents. Therefore, borrowers need to keep all these required papers handy for faster approval of MSME loans for new business. 

3.Apply for the loan

The last and final step is to apply for the loan. Applicants can make an application online thanks to fintech companies. 

All they have to do is visit the official website of the selected lender, navigate to the MSME loan page, and apply. Generally, lenders only require few personal information during online application. They send a representative to the borrower’s doorstep for document collection. 

If the applicant is already an existing customer, he/she may not have to submit these documents.

The loan disbursal takes place after document collection, verification, and credit approval. 

Applicants can consider Business Loans from lenders like Bajaj Finserv who disburses the sanctioned funds within 1 working day after approval.

Moreover, this NBFC brings pre-approved offers that can simplify the loan application processes and help applicants save time. Borrowers can avail these offers on other financial products like personal loans, credit cards, etc. They can check their pre-approved offers simply by entering their name and contact information.

The recent change of what is MSME definition has broadened this sector’s scope and benefit in various ways. So, individuals should check all the options and recent updates to find out which MSME loan is the most efficient financing solution for their business and apply accordingly. 

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