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Senior-friendly kitchen for a self-determined life in old age

Senior-friendly kitchens in particular will become increasingly important in the future, because the proportion of older people, known as best agers, has been increasing in industrialized nations for decades. Unfortunately, with age, there is often a restriction of freedom of movement for many seniors. The reduced mobility is based on the one hand on pain, which leads to certain movements being avoided. On the other hand, organic causes such as joints and muscles restrict the range of motion with increasing age.
Therefore, kitchens for best agers are subject to special requirements. A senior-friendly kitchen should make it possible to use the kitchen with fun even in old age. A best-ager kitchen offers more comfort and ergonomics – even for young chefs!

Ergonomically planned electrical devices

In particular, bending over is real pain or at least a challenge for many seniors. Therefore, all important electrical appliances and equipment should be installed through kitchen remodel san Francisco which is suitable for senior citizens so that their users do not have to bend down. This is especially true for ovens and dishwashers, which are mostly installed at ground level in a standard kitchen. For ergonomic use, on the other hand, installation at hip height is recommended. The loading and unloading of dishes or dishes are convenient and painless for everyone.

Physical performance decreases with age – even if you keep fit. Sufficient opportunities should be created in kitchens for best agers – for example in the form of seating. Ideally, chairs, benches, or stools are planned in such a way that they can be used to perform individual tasks while preparing or cooking while sitting. As a result, seniors are significantly relieved and can still do almost everything themselves, even if they can no longer work standing for a long time.

Tips for kitchen for older people

Depending on the health and mental state of the elderly, it is also important to take adequate safety measures in the kitchen. For example, electrical devices with automatic switch-off can save lives if in doubt. There are also kitchen appliances specially developed for people in old age. They are designed to be particularly safe and thus reduce the risk of injury in the kitchen, the most accident-prone room in the house.

Especially for older people with tremors (muscle tremors) or balance problems, the use of grab handles and non-slip floor coverings can also offer themselves, which offer a secure grip even when wet. Falls and any resulting injuries can be avoided. You can choose such remodelling from a diverse variety of kitchen remodeling san francisco.

Sufficiently stable and easily accessible handles should also be attached around the work area. These can be planned very individually for each person depending on the working method and use of the kitchen and enable people in wheelchairs to also access the rear area of ​​the worktop. Swing-out tables under the worktop significantly increase their functionality for wheelchair users. This way, they can always be moved to where they are not disturbing at the moment. Appropriate planning gaps must be provided in the base cabinet area to enable the cabinets to move laterally.

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