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The Surprising Truth About Lebron James Torn Bdh.

What is Lebron James Torn Bdh?

Every NBA fan knows who Lebron James Torn Bdh is, but have you ever heard of the Lebron James Torn Bdh? The answer may surprise you. Lebron James Torn Bdh is defined as the instance where an athlete, usually a basketball player, does not perform well in their sport and media pundits speculate that it’s due to the fact that they were injured earlier in the season but refuse to acknowledge that they were actually hurt. This term was coined by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin when referring to Lebron James’ performance against Boston prior to his injury on March 17th when he scored just 11 points before fouling out in 41 minutes of play.

This is not the first time McMenamin has used the term. In 2010, he used it in reference to Lebron James’ performance against the Heat when James put up a dud of an 11 points in a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. The term was coined after watching Lebron James’ famous “phantom” dunk on another NBA player, Kobe Bryant’s 46 points against the Los Angeles Lakers.


When someone is suffering from torn Bdh, they are having difficulty concentrating on their sport or game due to a vague injury that may or may not be chronic. This can lead to excessive speculation by media pundits and fan base members over injuries and gameplay. This condition mostly affects professionals, as college athletes popularly are utilized in more than one sport and therefore spend much more time using their bodies.

The symptoms of torn Bdh are as follows:

-As an athlete, you must score a full 100% in the injury that caused your torn bdh in order to prove to your fans that the injury wasn’t bad enough to cause you to have a torn bdh. If you didn’t have a good enough reason for being injured, then rest assured that you may suffer from this condition. The best way to avoid this is by playing less games during the season or having better conditioning for your sport.

-Your play and statistics can actually suffer from your injury, but not in the way you are thinking. If you had torn bdh, any statistics that you put up are more likely to be lower than they should be because of the fact that your game is slower and harder than it should be due to the injury. This causes a misconception amongst fans, as they think that because of your injury, your game is lacking in some way, when this is not the case. Even though you may have torn bdh, your play and injuries are unrelated. It is possible to play through torn bdh.


There is no real treatment to be specifically prescribed, but your doctor and the specialists working with you can help treat the problem by giving you an accurate diagnosis so that they can help you recover and get back to playing your sport at 100%. You may also need physical therapy if your injury is directly related to basketball. A lot of times it’s a complex recovery process, and a supportive cast of doctors, friends, family, and teammates may all be needed for you to get better.

The best way for someone with torn bdh is for them not to perform well in their sport. While you may feel as if your injury defines you and your abilities, the truth is that it’s nothing more than speculation. There are many anonymous athletes who get torn during their season, and they perform wonderfully while they are healthy trying to prove to the world that all was not lost after all.

The aftermath and consequences of torn bdh are severe. Playing your sport while injured can lead to irreversible injuries and chronic injuries that can last for a long time after rehab is completed.


-Torn Bdh was first diagnosed in 2009.

-Stanley Kubrick said “The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent; but if we can come to terms with this indifference and accept the challenges of life within the boundaries of death — however mutable man may be able to make them — our existence as a species can have genuine meaning and fulfillment.”

-Walter Chapman died from torn bdh on March 10th, 2012. The cause of death was a stomach tumor.


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-You can get paid millions of dollars to play your sport, even if you’re gross.

-The majority of the people watching you will be on your side and argue that their opinion is correct when they argue over your performance.

-Your fans can make excuses for you so that they can sleep at night.


-You have to keep playing even if you’re gross. If you pull a muscle or get a concussion, then that’s just what happens and there’s nothing anyone or anyone else will be able to do about it, for better or worse. It’s in the job description and comes with the territory. You either live with it or quit and find another job (see: Kobe Bryant).

-You can get blamed for things you did not do.

-You may lose a game and fans may blame you, but the real reason they lost was because they were too busy making excuses for you. Chances are that the opposing team was just better (see: Kobe Bryant).

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