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The Top 10 Movie Trailers of 2022

Movies have a great power to transport us to an exciting new world, helping us escape our daily stress and routine. And when we’re watching a movie trailer, our minds tend to wander off and imagine what it would be like if we were part of that fictional universe—looking forward to the 2022 movie trailers.

1. Men 

The first trailer for Men was released in December 2018, and it looks like this film will be a lot of fun. The trailer features the new agents, played by Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, as they begin their training at the Men in Black headquarters. It also introduces us to some of the new aliens that they will be facing off against.

2. The Menu

The Menu is a new film from the team behind The Hangover. It follows a group of friends who go to a fancy restaurant for a celebratory dinner. But things quickly go wrong when they realize that the menu is full of human flesh! This trailer will disgust many viewers, but it will undoubtedly be very entertaining.

3. The Woman King

The Woman King is a historical drama starring Viola Davis and Lupita Nyong’o. The film tells the true story of an all-female military unit in Africa that fought against French colonialists in the 19th century. This trailer looks like it will be an inspiring and empowering film. She is intelligent, passionate, and a fully developed individual who ultimately stands up for what she believes in.

4. The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is an upcoming superhero film based on the DC Comics team of the same name. The film will focus on a group of supervillains recruited by the government to carry out dangerous missions. This trailer introduces us to the new team, including Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang.

5. Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future is a new film by director David Cronenberg. It’s set in the future where a group of people has developed a strange disease that causes them to mutate into monsters. This trailer contains weird and disturbing images, as you would expect from a Cronenberg film. The movie trailer is creepy and, at the same time, very intriguing.

6. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

It is a popular children’s character who is getting his movie. The film will follow Marcel as he goes on a final adventure before he “retires.” This trailer is adorable and will undoubtedly be enjoyed by both kids and adults. This movie looks cute! Marcel the Shell is a character that first gained popularity on YouTube, and now he’s getting his feature film. The trailer features Marcel going on all sorts of adventures, including riding in a car for the first time and attending a fancy party. It looks like a fun and heartwarming movie for the whole family.

7. Nope

This film is about a group of friends going on a road trip to scatter their friends’ ashes. The trailer begins with one of the guys saying “nope,” and it quickly becomes apparent that this movie will be full of dark humor. This movie looks hilarious and entertaining and is worth checking out.

8. Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies is a horror movie about a group of friends who start to experience strange and terrifying things after they attend a party at an abandoned house. They begin to notice that one of their friends is missing, and they suspect something sinister has happened to him. This movie looks creepy and is not for the faint of heart.

9. Strange World

The first trailer for this much-anticipated sci-fi film was released earlier this year, and it looks fantastic. The movie is set in the future where the Earth has been ruined, and humans have to live on a space station. When a strange creature comes to the station, the characters must figure out what it is and how to stop it. This movie looks fabulous and is worth checking out.

10. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

This comedy stars some of the best today’s comedians, and it looks hilarious. The movie is about a group of stand-up comics trying to make big breaks in the industry. When they all get invited to perform at one show, they do their best to get on stage and make it big. This looks like a hilarious movie that is well worth checking out.

The movie universe is increasing, and the number of new movies being released yearly is rising. There are now more genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres than ever before. As a result, audiences have a wider variety of films to choose from than ever before.

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