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Tips for wearing hijab

Hijab is the name that calls to mind the pictures of beautiful Muslim women with stylish scarves wrapped across their ears, covering their hair from sight. There is a lot to be spoken regarding this brilliant custom, which increases the attractiveness of a female by covering anything that societal norms consider important for her to look stunning — especially her hair. Therefore, it’s inevitable and shocking that the hijab finally found its way into one of the popular styles. Evermore, females, have begun to carry their hijab courageously, and the trend authorities have begun to take notice by siting up. London is hosting a Stylish Fashion Week annually, showcasing hijabs and complete body garments in all their majesty.

We’ve gathered tips for those sisters who would like to start wearing a hijab to support you along your path.

1. Only wear it for ALLAH

Consider it your goal to carry a hijab just for your maker. Take the first step and take control of the remaining of it. Also note that Allah (SWT) is a loving companion of yours, your greatest protector.

2. Make a choice to begin

Choose a day and not surrender it up to any choice. Contributing the day, give salat-Istikhara (prayer for seeking guidelines), request Allah (SWT) for support, and note the strength of wisdom and belief. Don’t think about it tomorrow, leave it over the creator.

3. Don’t focus on the outside noise

Note, because of the outer noises; you ‘re not going to end being yourself. You may notice a lot of criticism once you started wearing the hijab, but remember your purpose and why you want it.

4. At a time, take it one day

You don’t jump into shallow end until you know the swimming, you can wind up sinking and be unable to dive again if you do so. You will follow the same idea as you begin using the hijab. Take small steps when you’re starting it. Start carrying a hijab once a day, and eventually, with the support of Allah and faith, one day might transform into months, then years.

5. Up to proper hijab, work your way

In the existance of a non-mahram men, the girls will shield their whole body with their arms and head. Your body must be protected with loose clothes, and your head, arms, and neck must also be protected. When coming to a decision to carry hijab, going right into abayas (a full length, a loose outer dress that wraps the body and head) may be difficult, so continue with what you’re wearing.

6. Begin with your bestie 

 It is only appropriate for anyone to find positive help, particularly when we begin a new path. 

Know: while also being members of the religion, we are humans too. Allah understands that himself, because he does not ignore our mental and spiritual requirements. Beginning this trip with a close mate would not only give you lots of help and inspiration you want, but it will also improve your strength. As we understand, as we inspire someone to perform a great deed, we always earn the benefits of the deed without anything being taken away from that individual.

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