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Top 5 European Baby Formulas for Optimal Nutrition and Growth

A baby’s nutrition is essential to its healthy growth and development. Pregnancy and the first year of the baby’s life are the critical periods when optimal nutrition has a significant influence on forming the physical and mental health of the baby. However, breast milk does not always meet all the baby’s nutritional needs. In such situations, baby formulas are essential to the baby’s diet. 

European baby formulas are famous for their quality and safety, as their production is controlled and regulated. Among the best and most famous European baby formula brands are Holle and HiPP. These companies have a stunning reputation across Europe. 

If you need help choosing formulas, consider this list of the top 5 European baby formulas based on cow’s milk for optimal nutrition and growth. 

1. HiPP Dutch Combiotic Infant Formula & HiPP UK Combiotic Infant Formula

As a rule, both formulas are certified organic. It means that ingredients for production came from European organic farms with chemical-free agricultural practices. The main peculiarities of these formulas are: 

  • Lactose is a main carbohydrate;
  • The formulas do not contain starch;
  • They are enriched with probiotics and prebiotics, ARA, and DHA. 

Moreover, the formulas do not contain sugar, GMOs, or preservatives. 

2. Holle German Infant Formula

Brand Holle has Demeter organic certification, which means that the milk used to produce the formula comes from Demeter-certified organic farms. It is also EU-certified. This formula does not consist of soy or fish oil. The ARA and DHA come from algae. It contains vitamins A, D, and E and minerals.

3. Löwenzahn Organics Infant Formula

Like the HiPP formulas, Löwenzahn Organics Infant Formula has lactose as a primary carbohydrate. It does not contain starch or maltodextrin. It is fish oil and soy free. And also contains ARA and DHA. This formula is like mature breast milk, with a 60:40 whey-to-casein ratio. As a result, it provides optimal nutrition and balances the digestion of milk protein. Löwenzahn Organics uses sustainable palm oil so the little ones can receive enough palmitic acid, which helps with lipometabolism and calcium absorption.

4. HiPP German Organic Bio Combiotic Formula

Natural probiotic lactic acid cultures are considered the best feature of this formula. These cultures are extracted from breast milk. As a result, just like in breast milk, the main carbohydrate is lactose, a natural energy source. So, babies can get optimal nutrition and growth by drinking this formula. Besides, this organic formula contains ARA (Omega-6) and DHA (Omega-3). It is produced to strict EU standards without preservatives, sugar, artificial flavors, or GMOs.

5. Premibio Premilait Infant Cow Formula

 This formula has as well as EU and France organic certification. The seal of AB France means that 100% of agricultural ingredients were organically grown. The formula does not contain palm oil, fish oil, or soy. It is rich in probiotics, and Omega-3 from algae. This formula provides nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, D, E and minerals for a baby’s growth and optimal nutrition.


Nevertheless, before choosing any baby formula, it is essential to consult a pediatrician who will help you choose the best option, taking into account your baby’s individual needs. Of course, the best source of nutrition for babies is breast milk. Therefore, it is recommended to breastfeed the baby during the first six months of life and to use baby formula only if necessary or according to the recommendations of specialists.

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