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Top Ways Exercise Leads to A Better Mental Health

A usual workday for many people comprises waking up, getting in the car on the way to work, sitting at a desk in the office, coming back home and then going to bed. As you all might guess, this isn’t a perfect way to live a life. However, adding a cult of exercise can surely make it!

Exercise has many benefits associated with it. If you believe that muscles are just for meatheads or gym rats, consider again! Even 30 minutes of daily exercise can make you a genius. Well, you still might not become Einstein but you can get yourself pretty close to it.

According to new research, exercise causes changes in the brain that help enhance memory and thinking skills. Moreover, let us not forget that it lessens the odds of initiating a plethora of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, blood pressure, and stroke. Yet another spontaneous advantage is that you can fit into the dress size of your dream.

Now, whether you are planning to take part in the Dubai fitness challenge or making exercise the part of your daily routine, read this article to understand how exercise leads to better mental health.

Increases Energy

The more you exercise, the livelier you will feel. Doing exercise on a daily basis enhances your regular strength and improves your endurance. Thus, you will get the energy to think more clearly and ultimately you will get new ideas. A good 15 minutes of exercise in your home, even just moving around in your living room, enables your body to deliver more energy on a cellular level.

Improves Focus

Dr. John Ratey, a renowned author of the book “Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” reiterates that exercise improves your mental health in the short term by levitating your focus for two to three hours later. 

If you have a presentation, then do exercise beforehand. This will help you to give your best when you have to perform. This does not end here; in the long term, it can even enable the body to cure brain aging and Alzheimer’s. This can happen by increasing the brain’s ability to improve itself with blood flow and levels of brain-derived protein. The author calls it “miracle-gro” for the brain, and it all comes from doing exercise on a regular basis.

Enhances Mood

Exercise accentuates the productivity of endorphins, also known as nature’s mood elevator. This helps increase memory.

Doing exercise also triggers the release of serotonin, which alleviates mood swings and curb the symptoms of depression, according to recent research. Duke University researchers proved that depressed adults, who exercised regularly, showed dramatic improvement when compared to those who are treated with the antidepressant Zoloft!

Helps Impulse Control

Exercise helps stimulate the production of endorphins. This improves the prioritizing functions of the brain. After exercise, your aptitude to categorize priorities improves. This will allow you to block out disturbances and better focus on the task at hand.

Accentuates Memory

When your body is active, your brain remembers a lot. In an experiment issued in the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, students were enquired to memorize some letters. They were then asked either to run, lift weights, or sit quietly. Those students who ran quicker were able to recall the letters more accurately as compared to those who chose to lift weights or did nothing.

Increases Productivity

Ever heard of the proverb “if you want something done, give it to a busy person?”. There is no denying to the fact that productivity breeds more productivity. When people are creative and efficient, it forces them to succeed more.

If workers are using gym equipment for exercising in the middle of the workday, they are more likely to increase their work performance and improve their time management. All this is the result of just a few-minute of exercise which ultimately increases the productivity of the brain.

In all, you don’t need to be a football star or a gold-medal gymnast. You just have to boost your heart rate for half an hour every day. This is something we all can aim for!

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