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What visitors are looking for on your website?

Following are some of the major points which any graphic design must keep in mind while designing the website. If you want to avail of such services you can contact Web Design Billings.


We do not use a website as it is usually assumed in its design. Few people read a website from A to Z. Rather, it is scanned so that the goal is reached faster. So that your page can be scanned easily, the text should be divided into smaller paragraphs and provided with appropriate headings. Bullet points or images can also break up a longer text and make it more reader-friendly.


Nowadays you can hardly avoid the mobile version when creating a website. Many people use the cell phone at least as often as a computer to go online. The difference in usability is not big. However, people read even less on the smaller screen and move through the Internet even faster than on the computer. Basically, you can say that the points listed above should be given even more attention to the mobile version. For you, this means, for example even fewer words, even better scannability, and the most important information more clearly.


Our last point is to show you how you can easily test the usability of your website yourself at no cost. This enables you to identify where the problem areas of your website are and to improve them. Improved usability will improve your users’ satisfaction with the user experience and will be more likely to return to you.

During a usability test, you observe people while they are using your website and make a note of where there are problems or uncertainties. For a meaningful test, it is enough if you have three people. When testing the fourth and fifth person, you usually only discover little things. The major difficulties are revealed during the first three test rounds. Your test subjects do not necessarily have to be strangers. You can take the test with people from your friends and acquaintances or your family who are not yet too familiar with your site. Give the test person typical tasks that they should do (e.g. make an appointment, buy a specific product, find out how to get there, etc.) and observe what they do. Then ask for any ambiguities and problems. Where was the person unsure? What content didn’t she understand? Why didn’t you use the short link on the homepage to get to your destination, but instead laboriously searched for your way in the navigation? Didn’t she see the link or did she think it was going somewhere else? All these questions and the answers to them show you where reformulations, changes to the navigation structure, or improvements to the layout are necessary. All these questions and the answers to them show you where reformulations, changes to the navigation structure, or improvements to the layout are necessary.

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